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Journal Journal: diamonds are forever, or something

what the hell? why does it seem the majority of comments in this story are supporting the notion that expensive gifts indicate love. i'm disappointed; there are far more important things in a relationship than buying shit like diamonds.

and all women dont have some intense desire for friggin rocks. many would actually prefer to be with someone who cares about them, not who will give them tokens in place of proper affection. some of the posters assumed that by not making a large purchase (possibly against your better moral judgement) you would jeapordize a relationship. petty losers.

after reading some of the comments, i realized that it's just not worth posting to that story. there are already over 1000 comments and too many posters have shown their belief in money == love.

if all women really were the way those comments make them sound, i wouldn't even want to talk to them. this explains why i can put up with so few people. a ring is a nice tradition and an appropriate symbol, but not a diamond. what's wrong with simple, meaningful bands?

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