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Comment Re:warning! (Score -1) 386

Too late sir!
Aeonity just took my blog down (but after 3,140 victims...), and they seems to close registration as well.
It takes 5 minutes to create another blog...
My current hit counter (and yes I am wanking on it...) is at 13,351 victims (don't troll much lately though).
And for fellow trolls, thank you very much for modding me up, and even defending today link.
Here a my my funny troll post. And I suspect it was modded up not by trolls.
If not thanks for it as well.

And the food:

"that AEONITY.COM link is NSFW dammit"
"Whoever modded this up should be banned..."
"Thanks for the Goatse."

"What an ass. Warning: Unpleasant picture in the link. That's what I get for browsing at 1, I guess."
"I'm just curious what gratification you get from this... do you jerk off to your hit counter?"
"O neat, you quoted me! Now I have to ask, why do you do this? seriously whats the motivation?"
"1999 called they want their overused shock pictures back."
"Parent post is a goatsex picture. Do not follow. You're an asshole of the proportions in that picture."
"Link above is to goatse. Fuck you douchebag."
"Turn on TinyUrl previews. It saves lives."
"Ugh. Goatse. NSFW. Asshole (poster and picture, both)."
"Seriously ... new account to post that ... what a douche!"
"You're a fucking douchbag." - "That is the most accurate comment yet"
"Not gonna click it to find out, but I'd be surprised if parent's link wasn't goatse... It appears you would be correct sir. Why oh why do I always forget..."
"My word, what is wrong with your anus? I'd get that checked out."
"It's because of Assholes like you that I can no longer trust URL shorteners"
"Thanks, I'm reading slashdot in class like a good student and just got tubgirl'd."
"Watching second monitor, there was something wrong with the other screen. Control + w. Phew..."
"Hey family! Come look! They're opening the Google Talk client! Now, click here......" (sees goatse)
"I tried to post warnings about the goaste loving jerk yesterday but was modded into oblivion as a karma whore"
"Posting your picture online again?", "Really? Are you not tired of this yet?"
(Me posts goatse link and tells that it is SFW): "You mean NSFW asshole."
"Can you not afford normal entertainment?" "This is grown up talk, 4chan is that way ->"
"Oops. goatse link" - "The AC speaks truth! (Well I didn't let it finish loading, but the browser was connecting to"
"He likes his urinal cakes nice and sudsy, so he tries to piss us off."
"Link is Goatse" - "Thanks. Does nerd soccer attract nerd hooligans?"
"You must be really bored, eh? Take your shit somewhere else. We don't serve your kind around here."

"Motherfucker. Some of us are at work and don't want to have a drilled out anus pop up on their fucking screen. Christ."
"BAN HIM!" "Ur a faggot for posting that."
"Death to all assholes - Let's put you first into the guillotine"
"You fucker" - "I had the same thought as you. What a fucking asshole. The link is nsfw."
"I hate your guts.", "WTF you fucking asshole.", "Fucking troll, do not click there"
"I hope you die in a fire before you are old enough to contaminate the gene pool."
"It would be more interesting if I had a piece of pipe and your face, in close proximity so I could smash your face beyond recognition,"
"Bravo teeny bopper. You're a really mature mother fucker (or do you prefer father fucking? Damn you homo erotic shittter)."
"Wait! I think I hear your mommy calling to give your tongue a good soap washing. And maybe she'll execute you too"
"I did not even bother to look, but this same idiot has been doing this for weeks now. Fuck off asshole."
"Asshole. literally. Goatse is so old. Grow up you fool."
"Asshole... Ginormous asshole, in fact." "Ugh. Goatse. You asshole."
"Better than you, you arse bandit." "You're a lowlife faggot piece of shit."
"Ah, a sheep troll. "Baaa! I post disgusting photos! Baaa!"
"I hate you"

"First time testemonies:
"Wow, all these years I managed to avoid seeing the guy, priding myself on my resilience to clicking on random image links from friends and trolls alike, taking comfort in the fact that I could identify a shock JPG based on a few lines of pixels while the holding the clipped window at the edge of my screen, and yet... now it's all for naught."

"After all these years, I finally fell for it. Just off to bleach my eyes.. thanks for that."
"Damnit, mod this guy up before GP gets any one else. My eyes, dear god my eyes, I'd managed not to see that until today!"
"WARNING: Don't click on the parent's link! Damn goatse! The first I experienced, no less.
"Parent is goatse. Dammit, and I've avoided it for a decade."
"ALERT ! goatse ya got me :("
"The fuck is a goatse? it's some dude pulling his arse open."

"Well done. I haven't been suckered into a goatse link in years."
"Now *that* is how you goatse. Even got me, and I'm an oldfag."
"Long time since I've been rickrolled with goatse!"
"Goatse URL - Haven't seen that guy in a while"
"Damnit! nearly 15 years reading /. and I still fall in a trap !"
"Well played, sir. It's been a while since I've been Goatse'd"
"Congrats. It's been a long time since I saw goatse."
"Looks very open to me... (congrats, 'twas a while ago I was goatsed the last time)"

Strong emotion:
""No ads? Kwel!" click... "WTF!! My eyes!!!! rip.... them.... OFF!!"
"i WAS eating lunch you ass!"
"Oh dear god my eyes. Haven't seen THAT awful image in a while."
"My eyes are burning... argh! Damn you!"
"MY EYES... dude i am at work here "S "
"Oh goddammit. I didn't need that right before bed."
"Goatse warning! I'm still recovering."
"Please friends, I beg of you, do not click that link! Do not look at that image, whatever you do! It is a bad image! It is a goatse image."
"Man you made me barf .... disgusting little fellow the GOATSE Guy"
"Ok I did not need to see this. kindly please go die in a fire."

Dumbassess talking:
"Oh wow, retro-trolling. Soon we'll be back to page-widening, Steven King is dead and bell bottoms."
"Hey moron, try using different links."
"You fucking piece of shit!" , "You sorry piece of shit.", "You cunt.", "Fuck you." "Get fucked"
"What a retard..... enough said...." "Nice. Asshole."
"Yup, this is what your life amounted to. Posting goatse on Slashdot and collecting comment trophies."

"Enough of that you sick fuck"
"Can someone make a fucking goatse blocker firefox plugin please? This is pissing me off now."
"I am sick and tired of that crap on /. "
"Don't visit the link above, everyone. -sigh- Especially at work."
"Doh! One has to also recognize data urls. *sigh*"
"Damn! Mod this fucker to hell"
"*sigh* Goatse alert..."

"When did you people stop being content with a simple rickroll? This is why Slashdot needs a "delete for spam" option."
"Goatse trolls are getting better these days..."
"Why the sudden coordinated campaign for Goatse? Is someone making money off this?"
"You're right, this is the most coordinated troll campaign in a long time. Multiple accounts, multiple pages."
"Urgh...dammit, am I the only one thinking the goatse trolls are getting worse lately than they have been in the past five years?"
"Who found a way to monetize goatse at this late date? If we got half the effort of that campaign on real stuff we'd all have better software by now."
"Boy Goatsex is out in force today... - Every topic is littered with them..."
"You can't actually expect the Slashdot users to actually know enough not to respond to a goatse troll, right ?"
"Can we start banning people who post that hiding it behind a url shortening link like"
"How many times are you going to spam this link? Like we don't know where that goes......"
"The GP's post is just to get you to click a link with the Goatse man's picture on it."
"One of these days, this asshole gonna have a hard drive crash and lose his precious list, consigning his life's work to oblivion. He'll probably kill himself."

"Cool goatse link bro"
"Giggles. That made my day. Thank you."
"You are one dedicated troll."
"Well played, sir. Well played."
"A link that redirects to a page containing goatse? How clever of you!"
"Thank you for that informational link"
"Interesting use of Data URLs for Goatse linking."
"Nice Goatse dude"
"Good one, Sir."
"Nice link to have!"
"But I found those that first link very informative however"

Funny warnings:
"DO NOT CLICK - goatse" - "Too late :/ "
"Why the fuck would you post something like that? Warning to all: scatology in its worst form. Do not look."
"Would advise against clicking the link in the troll post above. Especially if you're at work atm."
"Link Warning!!! Not for those at work or of a nervous disposition, or even those bored with the stupid Goatse image."
"You really don't want to click the fundamental link, you'll be scarred for life."
"Above Link NSFW... The picture was just wrong... wrong..."
"WARNING! Above link is not something anyone wants to see!"
"Parent should be modded down. Link is NSFW and mentally scarring."
"High likelyhood of being a Goatse link. Proceed with caution"
"Didn't click it, but the magic 8-ball says goatse."
"Danger, goatse" "Don't click the link! Goatse wannabe."
"Someone please mod this guy down... Don't click his link."
"I dunno if this is supposed to be goatse or what, but clicker beware on parent."
"Don't click link, Its a trap" - "Get an ax!"

"MODS please ban this guy"
"What the hell is up with this guy? can somebody gag him or something please"
"Just post the damn url, i'm not going to click on a tinyurl link and get goatse'd or something.."
"That's somewhat clever, but some of us do know what base-64 encoding is."
"Could not someone at slashdot write a small script to blacklist url's that have been flagged troll? I'll do it if you pay me a slave wage..."
"Mod to -1, please. this guy is an 'asshole'.... (yes, you guessed it)"
"That link is goatse-esque. Yuck."

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