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Journal Journal: Broadband redux

Well, I have to admit that RCN is staying up and running, here in W-Town, better than AT&T ever did in Somerville. And better, actually, than Mediaone (before AT&T) was, too.

We've had one burp in the DHCP that the router didn't pick up; I did a hard restart that time, but in six months that's a pretty good record.

And, note, RCN doesn't have any problem with routers; they just insist that you put a firewall on (so that you can't be used to spam the world like every Korean kindergarten box is doing). All-in-all, really nice folks.

That's all.

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Journal Journal: More on Slashdot Ads

I have to admit, the ads I've seen thus far are still just 'way damn cool, and when I can afford stuff I'm likely to buy it.

Keep 'em coming.

Just stay away from X10, for pete's sake ;-)

Journal Journal: Slashdot ads

Well, we all did know it was coming

So long as Slashdot doesn't have popups, or descend to the depths of X10 and the various credit cards, I won't bother subscribing. This is the only site where I've ever clicked on the ads, so bigger ones, so long as they're still targeted, still won't bother me.

And kudos on the GDC ad! I'm long since pre-registered, but it was really surprising to see it come up somewhere besides Gamasutra. Toodles for today 2002 01 03 --jas

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