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Journal Journal: PoemSig v2

I came up with another sig, a limerick this time. And let me tell you, fitting a limerick into 120 letters is hard.

A character limit can thwart/If too long, your sig will abort/I made one today/But then had to say/AGH! This space's too

I think you have to use the /s because Slashdot'll leave normal line breaks as HTML ( = not line breaks), and would count <br> in the character limit. If you can get around that, be sure to tell me!

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Journal Journal: PoemSig

I just came up with a new sig, but I don't want to leave my old one. So here it is, CC-SAed, for anyone who wants to take it:

My sig's a poem
Five, seven, five syllables
It is a haiku

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Journal Journal: Encrypt the DMCA 2

I'll have to read through the DMCA sometime, because I want to try this out.

If I encrypt the DMCA, does that make it illegal for all those lawyers to possess an unencrypted version, thereby making it so they can't apply it?

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Journal Journal: Lost Irony

link. Second reply to it, and its sub-replies

For the record, my sig right now is "There are 11 types of people in the world: those who can count in binary, and those who can't."

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Journal Journal: Subthread spawning

I am proud to say I have spawned a sub-thread with a full 13 posts (6 directly to my comment), at least one of which was exactly redundant and several that were somewhat redundant, all of which were offtopic, and only two of which were original (those being a gramar nazi and a reply to it), and I did this all with the words "No it's not.".

Re:It's been said before I'm sure:

P.S.: Thanks to whoever gave me the "interesting" karma :-)

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Journal Journal: First Journal Entry

I noticed two things today. One, my Karma went up to Good from Positive, probably because of the discussion that I got several of the first hundred posts on and was therefore visible, and two, I have two Fans. Where the heck did these people come from? I've never seen nor heard from them in my life. I'm still at 0 friends, foes, and freaks (waiting for my one friend who actually reads /. to get a new account, since he forgot the password to his old one a year ago).

Comments enabled because I like free speech.

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