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Comment Re:an odd conclusion (Score 1) 187

Excellent point. Print magazines are in many ways the ideal ad medium. They allow advertisers to choose the type of content that the ad is attached to, but it's impractical to target individual users.

Which is why Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends presentations keep showing an out-of-proportion percentage of ad spending going to print, and lower percentages going to more trackable media.

Comment "BYOL" IT? (Score 1) 600

The final decision on this is probably above the OP's pay grade, but consider putting employees on the "Bring your Own Laptop" plan. One of your biggest expenses at a company this size (unless you have very expensive vertical market software) is desktop hardware. Company-owned machines take a lot of hard use, and somehow people's own property lasts longer.


Why Overheard Cell Phone Chats Are Annoying 344

__roo writes "American researchers think they have found the answer to the question of why overhearing cell phone chats are annoying. According to scientists at Cornell University, when only half of the conversation is overheard, it drains more attention and concentration than when overhearing two people talking. According to one researcher, 'We have less control to move away our attention from half a conversation (or halfalogue) than when listening to a dialogue. Since halfalogues really are more distracting and you can't tune them out, this could explain why people are irritated.' Their study will be published in the journal Psychological Science."

Apple Reverses iPad "No Cash Purchase" Policy 377

ZipK writes "After a few days of bad publicity, Apple has reversed its no cash purchase policy, explaining that the policy was originally implemented to limit the number of iPads an individual could buy during the introductory period of short supply. Now that supply has caught up with demand — and the story has hit front pages and gained national attention — Apple has reversed its policy, and taken the opportunity to put a bow on the story by giving the formerly scorned Diane Campbell a free iPad."

Comment Is Google turning into AltaVista? (Score 1) 145

Before Google, "search engine optimization" was basically choosing a good page title, then stuffing the page with keywords.

Then Google came along, and PageRank saved the web from crap keyword-stuffed pages. All of a sudden, placement was based on whether or not a page could attract inbound links. Life was good.

Now, Google is tracking click-throughs using JavaScript, resulting in putting less and less weight on PageRank, and more and more weight on...keyword stuffing. Yes, you're using Google Math to weed out the auto-generated crap and duplicate pages, but keyword stuffing is back in a big way. (If I were wrong about this, Demand Media and other "content farms" of crap pages would not exist.)

I'm not worried about Google making us "stoopid" but are we making Google stoopid?

Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux developers outline tech gaps (

dmarti writes: "Linus Torvalds, Andrew Morton, and Jonathan Corbet talk about core kernel areas needing significant development work, including the filesystem, power management, and instrumentation. "Many people would like for the driver to also use power efficiently, and handle suspend/resume well, but it's definitely a secondary concern to 'working'," Linus says."

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