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Journal Journal: Homeland-Toril Merger

Recently we of Homeland MUD merged with Toril MUD to form one great big MUD. We're in the process of converting all of our Homeland areas/zones over to Toril's format and expanding Toril's code base with what we have. Should be fun.
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Journal Journal: New Baby! 1

My first child was born June 7th, 2002 at 5:22 PM. Pictures are here.
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Journal Journal: MUDs

I've played on quite a few MUDs in my time. The most prominent one was Sojourn.

I've also co-founded a few MUDs. One that I did a lot of development for was at ExileMUD. And from time to time I still play there a bit, although I no longer do any active work there.

Since Exile I've moved on and founded HomelandMUD with a few of my old friends from ExileMUD. When we get to the point when we accept players we'll be located here. If you are interested in dropping by Homeland to see what we're up to, drop me a line in my journal and I'll get back to you with the current telnet address.


Journal Journal: Baby Due May 31

Yup, I'll be having a baby sometime around May 31st. I'm told it's a boy and his name shall be Rylan Daniel (Insert last name here).

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