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Comment Re:Why encourage them? (Score 1) 197

because I do. you can personally try and take any of those from me, but you will pay with your life. which is why you cowards group together and have government do all your dirty work for you and think it's ok, "because democracy".

we are a nation of laws, and Apple is doing nothing illegal or immoral. productivity taxes are evil and wrong. no one is obligated to pay the maximum taxes possible. avoidance is not the same as evasion.

Comment yes (Score 2) 983

lazy? i missed the part where they are obligated to risk life and limb to stop an active shooter. when you are actively murdering people(shooter did not surrender as far as I know), don't complain when victims brothers in arms get pissed and come to stop you. and by stop, i mean, shoot you in your head(or blow it off with a bomb). deadly force is met with as much disproportional violence as possible. this ends threats quicker and tends to make others think twice before attempting anything like it again.

one does not actively start a fight with a well trained militia. last i heard, we have not had one go on a shooting spree and thus did not need to be put down.

Comment Re:Fuck ALL those assholes! (Score 1) 660

I purchased two AR's last week and the dealer was doing a pretty good job of "vetting" me for his own reasons while we waited for the NICS to come back. someone without my training probably wouldn't have noticed. I'm pretty sure that had I not respond to his liking, he'd have denied the sale. nothing beats common sense of the person doing the selling.

also, what's wrong with buying ammo in bulk? what's wrong with buying body armor?

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dlt074 writes: Coinbase is expanding into Ethereum support.

We have sat here for the last 3 years seeing only infrastructure apps like wallets and exchanges emerge on top of Bitcoin. Why is that? My theory has been that the scripting language in Bitcoin—the piece of every Bitcoin transaction that lets you run a little software program along with it—is too restrictive.

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Comment Re:Yeah, so... (Score 1) 655

i didn't say everyone would be happy. this is the real world, that will never happen. i'm not offering happiness. i said there are solutions and they are simple.

government force is simple. it may not be right, but it's simple.

you read too much into my comment.

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