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Journal Journal: :'( RIP Harry Goz (Captain Hazel 'Hank' Murphy, Sealab 2021) 1

From the Adult Swim message boards:

Adult Swim News (Read-Only Folder) - Harry Goz (1932-2003)

From: SwimBuddha Sep-10 4:46 pm
To: ALL (1 of 1)
Harry Goz, the voice of Captain Murphy, passed away this week. A message from Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, co-creators of "Sealab 2021," follows:

"We are devastated by the loss of our good friend, Harry Goz. Working with him was always sheer joy, and his talent was beyond compare. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and we shall all miss him dearly."

Will this be the end of Sealab 2021 as we know it? If not, then what will happen to Captain Murphy? I'd put a link below to google news, but there isn't a single article that gets returned when searching for Goz. I'm not sure how he died, it was probably those jerks from Pod 6.

Sealab 2021 quotes:

other links:
Adult swim boards post (above):
IMDB info:
More info (pics, etc.):

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Journal Journal: Super vision 1

This U of R press release talks about future eye surgeries, and how they are working to compensate for the "night blindness" problem of current laser eye surgery. Then later I saw this BBC article that talks about the future of eye implants. I can't wait to get some 16 megapixel eyes, hopefully my insurance will cover it when they come out.

Journal Journal: This west coast slashdot server sucks 2

I can't believe how much this west coast server sucks. I gave it a couple of months just in case it was some kind of temporary problem.

Now I realize that it isn't a temporary problem, and it isn't just me. I can't believe how often I cannot login to slashdot. Even worse than this, I often can't get to the site at all.

Anyone else experiencing general crappiness with slashdot since they moved? Is it crappy for you west-coast mofo's too? wtf?


Journal Journal: CPU Monopoly 2

AMD's stock has been plummeting over the course of the past few weeks. According to a recent article on Yahoo! (and several others), "AMD has fallen behind Intel on technology". Unfortunately AMD "shares fell 34% to an 11-year low". Some analysts are saying that AMD will not be able to exist by mid-2003 if it doesn't get its act together. Whether AMD is better than Intel or not, it would still be terrible for the consumer if the computer industry went back to a one chip market.

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Journal Journal: Danger accepting applicants 1

Danger main site.
Currently our trial department is rounding up candidates for product
I thought you might want to take a stab at getting on the participant list.

        We desperately NEED 18-24 year old candidates (USA only this round)
        Here's the online sign up form:

See our latest announced product:

Should you choose to accept this mission you will receive:
* Free use of the Danger hiptop for the course of your involvement with the
Trial Program
* Prizes or Freebees for participation

        Why would we give away free use and incentives to use our product?
We want your valuable usage feedback.
Danger's Trial Department wants you to use our product so that we can tweak
upcoming products according to your suggestions and usage patterns.
Be sure that you will have enough time to devote to usage and communication
with Danger.

        Does signing up guarantee I get to participate?
Unfortunately, no.
There is a limited number of slots available.
Also, our selection process is very specific, so not all applicants will be

        I want to participate, so what do I need to do?
Fill out a request and you should hear from Danger within 30 days (telling
you where you fall in the selection process).
You will be contacted with status as soon as the results are available.
Here is the link to the form:

Feel free to contact the trial department should you have any questions

Thank you.

Sara Clardy
Trial Coordinator Danger, Inc.
124 University Avenue; Palo Alto, CA 94301

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