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Journal Journal: Microsoft as a Company

Is Microsoft as a corporation really so entirely evil? This I have often questioned myself. Before coming to Slash dot I often would go on Microsoft bashing tirades. And after coming here and reading the posts by the other idiots that do the same I looked at the things I said and realised how dumb I sounded. Microsoft did a lot for us computer user, first of all, if Microsoft hadn't entered the market, we would all be forced to used Macs because IBM never would have gotten into the PC market if no one had ever talked them into it. Plus, I happen to use Windows XP and I never had a windows OS, i always was trying to stand up for my principles and use linux and other GNU, but then one day, I was like, damn it I want to play some quality games on my computer and actually get to do some multimedia video input with my computer, so I "purchased" (cough cough, look away) a copy of Windows XP. I ran the install from the bootable CD and did nearly nothing to get it working. It was, well, quite nice, my modem worked and every other device in my system. using WDM I can bring in video through my composite in and save home videos and convert them to divx and store them on back up CDs. My Athlon 1.7 runs almost faster now, and Battlefield 1942 is more fun than any game I ever played on Linux. I admit the OS's are kind of high priced, but I know what software companies bill for developers per hour, and I imagine it took quite a lot of developer time to get XP up and running. So lets open our minds and not just throw at angry curses at every single person that has anything nice to say about M$, and please leave Mr. Gates out of your sick hate sites, the man has a family and a wife, if I was him I would be legally going after every nerd who puts up a photoshop of gates or anything like it.

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