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Journal Journal: 15 mod points? 3

I actually started lurking on Slashdot long before I signed up for an account and even longer before I started posting. Back in '99 or so, friends started sending me links to individual articles on the site, but it wasn't until 2001 or so that I actually got hooked and started browsing the front page on my own. Then I signed up for an account so that I could tweak my user preferences. I had no interest in actually contributing to a discussion.

Then, one day, something compelled me to come out of hiding. I'm not sure what. Anyway, I made my first post. It wasn't terribly insightful, or even well written. But it got modded up. That was a bit inspiring... well, inspiring may be a bit of a stretch. However, it did encourage me to post a few comments here and there for the next several months, most of which didn't really go anywhere.

I'm sure everybody remembers the first time they opened a discussion page and spotted something out of the ordinary. The comments looked the same, but there was something extra that I had never noticed before: pulldown menus at the bottom of every post. For the first time ever, I had been handed the awesome power and responsibility of moderation. Well, I blew through all 5 points right there on that single discussion page (for some reason I was under the impression that you only got to mod a single thread), but the following month when the opportunity came around again I was a little more reserved with my points and took two days to distribute them amongst several discussions.

For the next year or so, I returned to the front page once a day or so to catch up on the latest news. I occasionally posted, and occasionally had a few mod points to throw around. I've never been a huge contributor to discussions on this site, but every so often I'll put in a few words when the mood strikes.

Well, one day the pulldown menus appeared again. I did my duty of expanding the thread to show all the -1 comments, skimmed around for anything noteworthy, the spotted something that I felt was particularly informative. After making the appropriate selection, I noticed something odd. I didn't have 4 points left, I had 14.

Was it a glitch? A typo? Could I actually use all 15 points, or would the system stop me after 5? Had I been promoted into some sort of super moderator category? Did somebody decide that there weren't enough points to go around? I checked out the documentation, but found no mention of the possibility of getting more than 5 points at a time. Well, fearing that I would never get another chance at it, I used all 15. And it worked. About a month later I got 15 more. Now I seem to get them on a regular basis- about every two weeks or so. But I still see no mention of it anywhere on the website.

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