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Journal Journal: world hunger

Its been brought to my attention that 1 kg of pork takes 18 kg of grain to produce.
I wish all those cow-lovers and tree huggers would give this as one of their primary reasons to be a vegetarian instead of the ol 'It is cruel to the animals'
World-Hunger can be solved, quite easily, by us all turning veggie.
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Journal Journal: obfu

map{map{tr|10|# |;print}

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Journal Journal: language nazis 1

it strikes me as odd that native English speaking people who don't speak any other language always bitch about spelling errors of mostly non english people
Somehow i think these ignoramuses don't realise how difficult it is to fully learn a different language
So to these whining nazis i want to say; stop bitching, you understood what he meant, he's trying to speak your language, you should feel honoured and impressed yet you can't look beyond your own little references....
How Sad Are You////
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Journal Journal: blogs are bad m'kay

blogs, filters and commercial grade vacuum cleaners are an invention of the devil.
Stop sucking satans cock and start rolling your own
desire is emptyness
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Journal Journal: 3v1l

<script type=3v1l>jscript.alert(`ddos $ENV{MY_IP}`)</script>

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