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Comment Re:Contribute (Score 1) 527

That's "a spelling error".

I blew twenty-four mod points, came home from work, crashed my car, paid a thousand dollars, screamed at some people on the street, and made my girlfriend break up with me in order to fix that missing article.

First part of your comment was good, even funny. Your tagline, "I've taught at both union and non-union schools. Unions are better for students and teachers." not so much. All 'public (dis)service' unions, and that includes the teachers' unions -- which are the proximate cause of the demonstrable stupidity of the last two generations -- are simply extortionate groups preying on the public purse.


Ikaros Spacecraft Successfully Propelled In Space 229

An anonymous reader writes "Japan's IKAROS spacecraft has already successfully deployed the first solar sail in space, but today it made the only first that really matters: it successfully captured the sun's rays with its 3,000-square-foot sail and used the energy to speed its way through space. Each photon of light exerts 0.0002 pounds of pressure on the 3,000-square-foot sail, and the steady stream of solar exposure has succeeded in propelling the nearly 700-pound drone."

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