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Journal Journal: Java Book Review

I just read some of the responses to a very well written book review on Efficient Java. Sigh, so many Java bashers around these days, it reminds me of the old C vs. C++ language wars, I.e. structured vs. OO programming. How I laugh at the arguments!

The best is when I hear "Java is horrible on the server." Okay, have you compared what it takes to write equivalent server-side apps using C/C++ to what J2EE has to offer? I didn't think so. Not to mention that I've heard reports of J2EE (I'll admit, servlets mainly) was actually FASTER than native code because of it's efficiency.

The best argument I hear is when people complain about the size of the Java API. Naturally these are people who do not write anything using VC++, because if they have ever LOOKED AT THE F***ING API FOR MFC, they would eat their words. ;-)

Sure Java is just a tool, and sure management seems to think that Java is the only tool to use right now because of the market hype, etc., from Sun. But if the tool doesn't work, then people wouldn't use it, now would they? So considering how many people are using it now, my guess is that it must be doing something right, correct?

Sorry, just ranting...

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