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Journal Journal: Mandrake yeah? Fair enough...

Again with the permanent record...

Is there a fast way to start a new paragraph in HTML, or do you just get used to typing all those little arrows and 'br' everywhere?

I've copied the arrows and the br into my clipboard - that's quick enough for me.

My DVD copy of Mandrake 9.2 arrived in the mail. I figure at some point I'm going to have to install it. That should be fun. I'll be sure to make some kind of note for posterity if it goes shockingly and I somehow manage to burn down my apartment or something like that. I think random browsers should be given the opportunity to laugh at the expense of geek wannabes and their ineptitude.

Blah blah blah... Enough now.
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Journal Journal: Slashdot yeah? Beauty.

This will go down on my permanent record? (for those who aren't quite over it: "Oh yeah?") I am not a journal-keeper. I once kept one of those online thingies when I was sick. Posted 100 entries in 30 days and then another 100 in the succeeding 600 days. This could be the beginning and the end.

I woke up one morning, got out of bed and firmly planted my bare foot on my ethernet card. The term "rude awakening" falls a little short. My ethernet card was on the floor beside my bed because the night before, windows had refused beyond all persuasion, supplication and physical manipulation (I had a spanner) to boot up until I removed said card.

I hopped around, fell over a pile of laundry, banged my head on an open drawer, and swore a mighty oath to Heaven that I would have windows off my computer by the end of the March quarter.

I walked into my office this morning knowing nothing but microsoft, windows, explorer, hotmail, outlook and HASSLES. That was at 0805. It is now 1538 and I know I'm ordering a copy of Mandrake 9.2 as soon as my paycheque clears. I've been to,,, redhat, mandrake, sco (I needed to know who they were/are) and I'm here. To read. And learn.

And I saw this nifty little journal thing and I'm writing in it.

Have written in it.

Am moving on to reading more things now.

This may be the most productive day I've had at the office yet.

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