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Journal Journal: (2B)|(!2B) = ?

How many people on /. have ever read Shakespear.
Ok, now which of you 5 have read more than what was required by school language classes ? mmm.

Oh, sorry Grammar Nazi's, you tend to dissapear into the background.

Now here is the fun for today:
I will post some Shakespearanisms and lets see if anybody can identify them all. Some will be quotes (I want play, act, character and scene) some will be characters (just give me the play), and some just words (modern English meaning) in the latter case the word will be inside a quote but highlighted with **'s.

We'll start easy (next week we try the less known plays):

1) Romeo, Romeo *wherefore* art thou Romeo.
2) Thou shalt not make an ass of me.
3) Lechery it provokes and unprovokes. It sets a man up, and let's him down. Makes him stand to, and makes him not stand to. (Bonus point: what is *it*)
4) Corolla
5) Trivia question: In Hamlet who kills Gildernstern ?


Journal Journal: The streets of Jozi.

Ah, the streets of Jozi (Johannesburg).
What a place. Surely there is no other country with cities like South-Africa has, and no city with streets like Jozi.

I walk those streets every day. I leave my office in the braamfontein downtown behind a few time a day for a walk around, and I just enjoy looking at it.

These streets are alive, they have breath and heartbeat and a culture all their own. A thought pattern unmatched.
There is a locksmith across the street, who has run that little store of his for fifty years.
That still exists here.

There are beggars too, cops and robbbers, hijacks and sales. Like a scale that swings from one extreme to the next in an instant, in between lies the people.

You either love this city, or you hate it. Depending on which moment you feel part of it, it's a love-hate relationship that alters each and every moment without fail.
Some cannot handle that rythm, they leave. The rest of us are scared of the inevitible boredomn of anywhere else.

"Jozi is a town where you wake up to the sounds of birds coughing" say Cape Townians, ironic, because Jozi has less polution than Cape Town (no ships or nuclear generators around here) and we retort
"A Capetownian is defined as: someone who couldn't find employment in Jozi"

Ah what a city, gorgeous and ugly in the same scene. Life and death, shit and yoghurt, wedding flowers and funeral flowers.

A toast say I to the life of Jozi, of course we can improve things, must improve things. But we can never do that if we lose sight of what is allready beautifull.
Yes we need to get Felicia Mabuza Suttle of the air for the sake of all mankind. Yes we need to ban taxis.
But buy a darn flar of a poor gal as well.

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: A little bit for the RIAA to chew on.

NOTE: This journal entry is a repost of a comment in a story.

Imagine I go to the vegetable store, and buy a corn cob. Now instead of just eating that cob, I plant the corn seeds from it and grow my own corn.
I never need to buy corn again, because I can infinitely replicate the supply.
Did I steal ?
What If I sell some of my corn-supply to my neighbours ?
Am I stealing from the farmer now ?
Or what if I give some corn for free to any neighbour who wants it, solving the problem of some of my neighbours who would otherwize have starved. Is that stealing from the farmer ?

The farmer himself had to do that in the beginning right, plant seeds from somewhere else.

The only difference between this and file trading, is that the RIAA actually steals the corn they sell you.

Now how about this scenario, I discover a machine that can infinitely and immediately replicate corn cobs, although they taste a little worse for it.
I have the cure for world hunger in my hands.
I start supplying corn for free to the world.
Would you allow the farmers union, or the restaurant union to stop me ?
How is it different ?
Music is the food of the human soul, we have made it as long as we have existed, surely if we did not need it to survive, evolution/God/Alah/[insert deity/theorem of choice] would have long since gotten rid of so big a timewaster.

Would people stop going to restaurants because they can get all the food they need for free. Nobody goes to the restaurant because he is hungry, the supermarket is a far better solution to the problem. We go to restaurants because it tastes better.
Let's truly complete the metaphor. I have my instant corn for the world from one cob maker, I also have a teleporter on demand so I can instantly send it to everyone who wants it.
Would you honestly say that the farmers union should be allowed to prevent me from operating it.
Sure it would put traditional farming out of work, great for the enviroment btw, so the farmers would have to adapt, a few farmers can produce the master corn cobs I copy, the others need to find new jobs, because the world has changed, at least they won't go hungry.
The restaurant industry won't even be harmed.

The same goes for music.
The artists are farmworkers. The RIAA is the farmer (think feudal system here) and the CD's are restaurant meals.
If you permanently cure world hunger tomorrow, restaurants will still survive.
The difference is that this farmer owns the restaurant (and it's a macdonalds at that), and he wants to legally forbid anyone from eating anywhere else (as well as making it impossible for farmworkers to go work on another farm - in fact he wants to own ALL THE FARMS), be it my instant free food, or buying from the supermarket and cooking for yourself.

That is the true system here, we have the potential to bring art to the entire world for free, while the artists survive through the people who will never stop buying CD's (e.g. the same way we will never stop going to restaurants), and everybody has won.

Do you see now ?


Journal Journal: Nature of the b[r]east part 2.

Mother I am in love.

I am running an iso based on slack-current, about two weeks old. And it is the single most coolest thing ever.

This is just like the old days with my first linux distro...I kina feel like god...

Next entry, more usefull, I promise.


Journal Journal: The nature of the b[r]east

Ok, I have decided to try out slack.
Gentoo is on my todo list as well. It would be interesting to see how it handles the three hundred dotfiles and loki games installed (and so remaining) on my /home partition.

But I feel the need to see what old Pat's been up to lately.

Let ya'll know what 9.0rc1 is like.

PS. I don't know where that subject line came from either.

User Journal

Journal Journal: My sig.

It seems my sig "If a scientist can't prove it that doesn't make it false" has become the predominate cause for debate whenever I post.

Suggestion one: Respond to my post, not to my sig, if you need to talk about my sig, do it here ok.

Suggestion two: Before you decide to attack me for being a fundamentalist, check your facts. I am not, if anything I am too liberal, not conservative anyway. The point of the signature is that just because science has never been able to prove or disprove God's existance (or any of a million other things) that does not make these things false - and it does not give /.'rs the right to judge people who believe them anyway.

Ball Lightning.
Military Inteligence
American Culture.

There are a lot of really smart people who believe the above things to exist despite the lack of scientiffic evidence.
Science is not the be all and the end-all of knowledge. That is all I was trying to remind everyone off.

Now can we get off my sig and bash microsoft or sumfin ?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Moderators on drugs

Gee it all started with a post to try and steer some rather over-zealous open-sourcers onto the true path...which got modded down. I critisized the mod and was labeled a troll.

Since then every post I made has been modded down. Did nobody get my jokes ? Or did they just not find me funny :-(
I must have really ticked of somebody who happens to be frequent moderator or something.

Note to the mods, I also moderate fairly often. The idea of moderation is to promote meaningfull discussion, not to punish everyone who has a different opinion from us.

Seccond point, to critisize a moderation is not a troll, it's critisism live with it.
Sure moderation is anonymous, but I will bet my salary that the the guy who modded me down was the same guy who decided the critique was trolling.
Funny, I posted another follow up when it happened. Pointing the above out,telling the moderators to do their worst and prove my point even more clearly. That has not been moderated at all - perhaps my stalker mod ran out of points modding goatse posts up ?

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