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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Terahertz spectrum for wireless communication

holy_calamity writes: A first step to allowing wireless data transfer over a currently unused part of the electromagnetic spectrum are reported in New Scientist. Terahertz radiation exists between radio and infrared. A new filter created at the University of Utah can filter out particular frequencies, a prerequisite for using it for data. The abstract of the paper in the journal Nature is freely available.

Submission + - Open-source Time and Attendance, Payroll Is Here

passion4 writes: A recent press release from an open source company states: " TimeTrex, unique new open-source software moves web-based time and attendance and payroll into the 21st century. It's time to toss those punch cards out. TimeTrex's unique, open-source time and attendance and payroll system integrates a number of crucial features into one easy-to-use, web-based package." I recently switched my business from a large payroll outsourcing company to TimeTrex and it has been working great so far.

Submission + - Own more than one cell phone? Are you a terrorist?

PLaXman writes: According to a blog written by Andrew Lim, Cnet UK's mobile phone editor, UK police are warning people to look out for anyone that owns more than one cell phone. "Terrorists need communication. Anonymous, pay-as-you-go and stolen mobiles are typical. Have you seen someone with large quantities of mobile phones? Has it made you suspicious?" The problem, as Andrew points out, is that almost everyone these days owns more than a few cell phones, so how do you aptly distinguish between a law abiding gadget fan and a potential terrorist? The other issue that's highlighted is what to do with the growing number of old cell phones that are accumulating in our homes. With wireless carriers making it easier and easier to upgrade our handsets, how do we responsibly deal with this mountain of electronic waste that we leave behind us every time we get a new phone?

Submission + - Duke detects depression

Matthew Sparkes writes: "Duke Nukem is helping scientists detect and quantify depression. Depression has been linked to a shrunken hippocampus, a part of the brain that also plays a role in spatial memory, so scientists created a test where people had to navigate to as many in-game landmarks as possible within a set amount of time. Depressed people found their way to an average of 2.4 locations compared with 3.8 locations for healthy controls."

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