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Journal Journal: I must make Friends of Freaks 1

I wish there was some way to mass-add my freaks as friends. Just so that, in the future, I will see the green light above their nickname and be obliged to agree with them no matter what their opinion is. I realize that it's sort of my job as a discrete thinker to play devil's advocate with the slashdot community, and occasionally call into question the wisdom of bashing Microsoft as the worst company in America while Walmart and telecoms perform far worse atrocities to their customers every day, to ponder the necesity of blindly advocating the installation of Linux everywhere, to somberly counter the proud touting of the superior business model of open source software when as to yet it's sort of proven itself as a non starter whose projects of most significant impact has had little economic effect on its progenitors, to expose the lunacy of advocating Libertarian ideals towards economics when so much more has good been accomplished historically by the maintenance of economy by a pervasive yet subtle government oversight agency, to scoff at the futility of obeying the general users-is-stupid spin of IT janitors who think that they own the networks and the machines merely because they are tasked to clean the shit out of them and of course to piss off AutoPr0n whereever possible by commenting how terrible his website is.

By the way, it's gotten better. It's moved up the ladder from shitty, shitty, shitty, to stinky, farty smelly. I guess competetion from NineNine.net is causing him to make the suck blow just a bit more than usual.

I realize that, besides creating clever nonsensical run-on sentances and cunning one liners, these tasks are really what I'm here for. But the best orators know that in order to bend your foes to your will, you must first put yourself on their side. They must be made to see that your ideas ARE there ideas, and they've just been looking at them the wrong way. And this is why I must befriend my freaks. It does no good to shit well constructed contradictory diarahea onto the heads of those who would make themselves my enemies...but it may do me well to allign my discourse in such a way that it is included in the superset of theirs.

For are we not all geeks, dorks, losers and nerds? Online media fans, democrats and computer nuts who play the politics of the new digital lifestyle, hoping to mold the future net community into something we can live with without sacrificing our rights and morals? Don't we all hold a soft spot in our hearts for Carl Sagan, Freenet, The Millenium Falcon, Steve Wozniak and punch cards? We may not all agree on platforms and development strategies and whether or not Machinima is fucking terrible, but we can all rally behind this: we like Gort the robot. We laugh at jokes involving philosophers, mathematicians and physicists. And we all think that wireless ethernet is a pretty cool idea.

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Journal Journal: Long days...

The days are longer when you're busy and gently pressed. Sometimes you don't accomplish everything you mean to, due to setbacks or occasional daliances. I mean, I didn't even get to make an off-topic reply to an Autopr0n post bashing his amazingly shitty website.

Shit. If I keep busy like this, that asshole's going to think he runs the place.

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Journal Journal: I like pizza

Normally, I don't eat pepperoni. But as it turns out, I've lost about ten pounds and my gut only seems larger due to massive muscle atrophy (what do you expect? I'm a coder, not a bear wrestler). It's so greasy and delicious, yum.

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