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Journal Journal: google is sentient and passes Turing test

Following a recent discussion on Slashdot where it was stated that Google knows everything, I decided to administrate a Turing test to Google. Short of a standard test, I took the one of the twinkie project. Here are the answers....scary.

Q: What would you describe as the purpose of your existence?

A: First time I asked I had an ad about the Coran...why not, the subject might be muslim. First answer however was "What kind of supernatural being are you ?" : fine way of returning a stupid question !

Q: Describe where the other subject is, relative to you.

A: "The twinkies Turing Test" which is actually totally correct since it is the page at was looking at while cut and pasting the questions in google !

Q: Describe the last meal you ate.

A: "What did you eat the last time you ate at a restaurant ?" The subject does not remember, but cleverly returns the question to see if the exampiner himself memorizes such stupid details of life.

Q: How do you feel about your mother?

A: "What kind of relationship did your mother have with her parents?" Once again, returning the question, not falling for so simple psychological tricks ans indiscrete questions, and pointing at the examiner that he might have a problem himself for asking such questions.

free association :

Q: Love A: "Maradona" (in news..why not ?) A: "Calculator" (clever)

Q: Spam A: Stop all spam (of an ad, but anyway) A: Fight spam on the internet (gut answer for a geek)

Q: Blender A: Blender is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation. So here we might have a non native english speaker with geeky tendencies.

Q: Flame A : warriors (why not ? this is free association after all)

Q: Health A: Garlic (ad : why not ? synonymous with health since the greek) A : US Government (some people trust the system)

Q: Lovett A: a private school in Atlanta (instant response from someone who studied there as a child)

Q: Ribosome A : 2810 image results A: illustrated explanation of the ribosomal protein synthesis

Q: Chlorophyll A: Chlorophyll is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses its energy to


My conclusion : Google is a sentiant being, who has studied as a child in Atlanta, is very good in molecular biology, might have erotic fantasies about Maradona, believes in simple remedies such as garlic, trusts the US Gov in health matters (why not ?), might be muslim, is kind of a geek about spam and 3D renderers, and does not really want to answer personal questions, returning and smartly reformulating the question to the one who asks.

This could be the portrait of an average Slashdotter !

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: how do I become a slashdot reader from 1997 ? (Ask Slashdot)

story I submitted today : "I chose IT studies because I thought it was cool and would get a lot of money, now I realize that I have to learn math and programming, will have to put effort in finding a job, and risk being outsourced. Besides, I leave in a one bedroom flat and my numerous cats ate all my expensive equipement ; the only good point in that is that the RIAA cannot sue me anymore for the TBytes of stuff I downloaded. Anyone confronted with the same problems ? Can you help, do my homework, get me a girlfriend, a well-paid job where I can surf the Web all day, not far from my friends and family ?"

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