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Comment Re:Not the author here... (Score 2) 198

Look, it must be all black and white there being the printer admin of your 5 man real estate office, but out in the real world, it never, NEVER works like that.

A short list of the billion reasons why you would need what the OP is asking for:
Web services that require a single primary administrative/billing account
Company twitter accounts and other social media accounts
Networking equipment that only allows multi-user auth through RADIUS
admin/root passwords for: databases, servers
common mail accounts shared by multiple users
common account of any random type used by more than one person that doesn't allow multi-user access
Non-enterprise wireless access points
Proprietary commercial software that requires a primary admin account
Random bits of secure information that aren't necessarily a password, but need to be accessed by multiple users

See, when you have to worry about more than out of toner messages on your HP Laserjet II, or our 5 XP laptops you connected to that AD controller, it's not all cut and dry.

Comment Re:Get over it (Score 2) 89

Is it safe to answer you with an "AMEN"?. Seriously though there are a *lot* people are are just as angry about Christians as you people at slashdot are and instead of subjecting the rest of us to your blind hatred and bigotry, you can go there and post stories, pictures, 4koma and all sorts of fun lolz. Let's talk about computers and science here, why don't we?

Comment Re:Be creative but have rules (Score 1) 429

Oh, right. Changing a hostname of a server is a huge pain compared to moving to a completely new database architecture. Who really uses hostnames for services like a database anyway. You are telling me you force your client machines and everything else to do hostname lookups on every connection? What if you have 100's of thousands of connections per minute? That's real time and resources you are wasting.

Hostnames are for admins and people trying to find, not for servers.

Comment Re:windows only app up (Score 0) 176

I doubt you are going to get any mod other than troll/flamebait here on slashdot, but I really feel you on this post. I converted to OS X about 5-6 years ago and between my win7 box at home and OS X at work, things are really looking good for PC consumers these days. There really just isn't a lot of reasons for regular people to use linux these days.

Comment Simple answer... (Score 1) 635

Most people who pirate things do so for two reasons:

a) can't afford it or the cost is so high the software loses it's actual value (e.g. Photoshop)
b) want to try it without a monetary investment.

You can fix both of these problems by:
a) stop charging stupid high prices for your software so regular businesses can afford to invest in your company
b) make alimited use version available for people to use before spending 10K on your TEH AWESOME software

Comment Re:is there a more scientific version of this? (Score 1) 1367

YEAH, you hit the nail on the head. We'll set you up as our supreme leader and anytime disagrees with you about any topic, we'll send jack-booted thugs into their homes to drag them out and strip them of all dignity, wealth and for good measure, we'll take their freedom too.


Comment Re:And next we'll hear... (Score 1) 1367

For your point to be equivalent, all floods and tsunamis would need to be created by man kind. Earthquakes would need to be discounted as they obviously could not cause tsunamis, instead serious, quality science would easily prove that our vehicles are the primary cause of tsunamis. All that driving around causes vibration pollution, generating enough seismic activity to create tsunamis. If only people, especially poor people had to pay more taxes to their bloated governments, the problem would just go away.

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