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Comment Re:Aware of evolution, reject what they know of it (Score 0) 1152

"most Creationists [...] didn't have even the most rudimentary understanding of evolution or biology in general".
Most atheists don't seem to have an understanding of information science since it conflicts with macro-evolution.

At the end of the day, we're both putting our faith in an unobserved process that we believe exists because of interpreted historical evidence.

Comment Embrace and Extend (Score 1) 316

Yet another analogy:
"lowered privacy interests in e-mail because they 'expose to the ISP's employees in the ordinary course of business the contents of their e-mails.'"

Could the government search my house without notification, because I 'expose to the insurance company's employees in the ordinary course of business the [high-value] contents of my residence'?

Comment Re:All mine were cheap! (Score 1) 1259

Have you been to a US college recently? The one near me is still on a building spree that it has been on at least since I started there, eight years ago (I graduated and found a job in town). They have spent AT LEAST a half a billion dollars since I started paying attention, with the largest chunk being the first 100 million dollar expansion of the stadium to build box seats for rich donors. All this for a school with 30,000 students.

Auburn University?

Comment Tolerance != Acceptance (Score 1) 1475

"But oddly, Microsoft HR Chief Mike Murray cited religious beliefs for his decision to contribute $100,000 to 'Yes On 8', surprising coming from the guy who had been charged with diversity and sensitivity training during his ten-year Microsoft stint."

Just because he tolerates other lifestyles does not mean he should change his beliefs. As long as he's not endangering others, he has every right to express his opinion and his beliefs without being labeled as a bigot. Is his personal opinion less important just because he's not a minority?


Submission + - Microsoft Hiring Student Propagandists

Ed writes: "It seems Microsoft is looking to hire students for "word of mouth advertising" on college campuses. The marketing service's code of ethics stresses the importance of honesty, but somehow I doubt they'd be willing to pay me to give my honest opinions..."

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