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Journal Journal: Learning /.

I like the learning curve /. gives. It is a really good site for the next generation of computer users to access.

I have always been doubtful about these kind of sites but, since i have been here, i see nothing wrong with this site.

You guy's are showing what open source looks like and stand up for it!

An admitted MS slave, i like what you are doing.

THumbs up to /.!

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Journal Journal: Loving Moderation, just a note

Moderating this site is fun and incredibly informative.

My mind gets energized when i get here and do my part in the process.

I hope more of us geek types get off our butts and vote.


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Journal Journal: Crazy thoughts?

I feel great about doing the moderation obligation. It was fun for me. I hope other folks who get the chance to do it-----Will.
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Journal Journal: Random Thoughts

Well, i'm trying this out for the first time and i hope i don't make a fool of myself.

Learning /. is fun and fustrating at the same time.

I say: So WHAT!

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