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Journal Journal: Piggy-Backed Legislation

Not that anyone reads my journal on a normal basis but I thought I should copy one of my recent posts here for all to see. ( Slightly edited to make more sense outside of the original article )

  Useless bills that sneak by and what we can do.

Laws constantly get passed that where previously knocked down. How does this happen so often.. Piggybacking!

Republicans try to pass a bill on banning Hot Dogs.. It doesn't get enough votes to pass.

Few months later Democrats want to pass a bill on Energy, Republicans say, Sure we will vote on that but only if you let us tack on this harmless bit about banning Hot Dogs. Democrats see this as the only way to get there important bill passed and feel the banning of Hot Dogs is a minor issue so why not.

Next thing you know Hot Dogs are banned and no one ever noticed because compared to the Energy Laws the whole Hot Dog thing was just to small to notice!

We need to voice our opinion against unrelated laws being piggy-backed together to get things past the general public and congress.

It should not be possible to have 2 laws totally unrelated in the same action!!! Congress should not be able to attach a law banning you from eating hotdogs to a law funding the federal goverment.

Its biases, deceptive but in todays congress a very common practice..


Journal Journal: Our future in the USA

I don't know if anyone reads my journal but I really felt the need to rant today after reading the following

I am 30 years old and have paying money into the goverment for the last 15 years. The changes that I will have medicare support, and get a social security check when I retire are pretty slim.

Where did all the money I paided in go? What do I pay that money for? When It comes time to get my check can I sue because they can no longer provide.

You can sue the company you work for if the mismanage your 401k money, or other funds. Can we sue the goverment for being total idiots when it comes to handing our future?

And thats if I even make it to 65 without going broke because every day more and more jobs leave the US.

But thats ok, the US is doing great. As long as we have a war on terror to fight, and other countries to spend billions of dollars on a year, Why bother wondering about the problems right here in our own country.

I truly feel at the rate we are going there will be another "American" revolution. How many rights can they take away from us before other countrys consider the US a bad place to live.

Look at china, We like to act in shock about the way they treat there people, but if you look our goverment is heading in that exact direction.

It may take 50 years but the trend is there, it won't happen over night it will happen slowly so people will not complain much but there will come a point where we hit the apex and everything goes downhill from there.

Yea, I might not be alive then, chances are I will be shot in some RIAA financed raid on my house because they suspect I harbor illegal music, which has been declared a federal crime, labeled me a terrorist and has the penalty of death.

At least then I won't have to worry about that damn Social Security check will I!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Web Hosting by GlobalServers ad on Slashdot

How funny is that ad.. They talk about a server being b0rk3d and a saturated dsl pipe.. A Slashdotting..

Then they suggest you go get a 14.95 VPS server from These GlobalServer people..

14.95 gets you a whole 30gb file transfer.. A good slashdotting can wipe that away in a instant.. Not to mention I would be very interested in how well a 14.95 VPS takes a nice slashdotting.

Even there most expensive VPS plan only includes 100gb.. Plus with it only included 10gigs of hard drive space you can be sure your sharing that server with at least 3 if not more people.. Even if a text site doesnt use all the bandwidth im sure a good slashdotting would make it cry..

If I had one request about any ad on here.. I wish it was at least honest, or made some sense.

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