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Journal Journal: Batting .500

Sure it's not 1.000 but hell, who get's all the hits? ;)
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Journal Journal: sliding Karma?

the more you give, the more you lose...

not a complete troll yet, though I thought the GWB memo was pretty funny... I guess only Americans can laugh at American politics, for the rest of us, it must be DEADLY serious...

so much for the spirit of cooperation on the internet, we should ALL be able to laugh at American politics, esp. those of us who are affected MOST by it, those of us living outside of America...

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Journal Journal: a Foe!? 1

sweet! I've made a foe! what does this mean? LOL
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Journal Journal: all's well that ends, well?

For the record, it was never my intent to defraud Apple out of anything, and it was suggested to me by their CSRs that this might be the case!

On a brighter note, the iMac issue seems to be resolving itself, while I still wasn't provided with a refund, which I still argue I'm entitled to, we're getting a new iMac duo core shipped post haste. Apple even had executive services contact me to thank me for pointing out the error in their Sales Policy, and is upgrading my machine to the maximum currently available for iMacs... 2GB RAM and 500 GB HDD... jeepers! David v. Goliath: 2-0 ! If you see something wrong, invest the time and energy in seeing it corrected. You will make the world better for your efforts, and who knows? It may be exactly why you're here?

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Journal Journal: problems

Dear Sir, While I appreciate your quest for excellence and in many respects subscribe to the 'think different' philosophy, I must suggest that your current business practices in Ontario leave much to be desired. To outline the case: 1. Took delivery of new iMac G5 January 6, 2006! machine did not function with remote out of the box, further troubleshooting indicated machine was DOA. 2. Asking for a full refund for product purchase price. Flatly denied a refund, offered a 'like for like' exchange. 3. Was told by Scott Gibeau of Apple Canada that to pursue a refund I would need to contact web sales support. 4. Telephone contact of web sales support who assess machine as DOA but cannot assist as machine is purchased by a Canadian, must see Canadian Support. 5. Contact Scott offered same terms, like for like replacement. Now informed that as Apple purchase was made through education portal, must see the bookstore for refund. 6. Bookstore refers us to you for a refund. 7. Contact corporate customer relations: Advised them of the infinite loop condition for Canadian customers, was advised that I can contact canadian support for help. Under Ontario laws, I am entitled to a full refund of the price of purchase, your current operational practice does not allow for this to happen: I contact Canadian support and refused a refund as it's purchased through education webstore, I'm referred to webstore, webstore refers me to point of purchase, point of purchase refers me to Canadian Support... etc. ad nauseum! I do not want to wait to pay full price for a new iMac and have it be here in 3 weeks and refurbished deprecated technology as well. I have suggested that the only reasonable way out would be a full refund of price of purchase which I am entitled to. Please refer to the guidelines for consumers in Ontario: You will find that your company is not working within its corporate mandate for this geography. May I refer you to your corporate ethics document as provided: In your role as Chief Executive Officer I would assume that sentence one of: Would demand that you ensure Infinite Loops only occur at the street address, not in your software, nor to your customers. Sincerely, Sean Swayze
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Journal Journal: and then it was stardate :::::::D

and I got a new iMac G5 for my b-day! w00t! things betwixt G and I are at a new high, Hannah is coming along nicely... life is good... must remember to stay positive :D S.
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Journal Journal: all I wanted for christmas

was my two front teeth... and I got a killer low tech Star Wars watch AND my story got published on /. !! w00t! herry qwanakkadanmas!

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