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Journal Journal: welcome to february...

my powerbook showed up today. it's a 15" AlBook with a 1.67Ghz G4, 512MB, 128MB VR(enough for the 30" display), an 80Gb hard drive, and a combo drive. i opted to downgrade the optical drive from the superdrive for two reasons: 1) it took off $150, and 2) why bother when there's dual layer, -RW, +RW, and eventually HD-DVD. i can live with the CD burner. Drive Features: 24X Speed CD-R Writing 16X Speed CD-RW Writing 24X Speed CD-ROM Reading 8X Speed DVD-ROM Reading Reads DVD-RW and DVD-RAM 12.7mm Height Buffer Under Run Protection Slimline Slot Loading Writing Method: Disc at Once, Session at Once, Track at Once, Multi-Session, Fixed / Variable Packet Writing i'll be using the burner to archive everything on my Pismo before i wipe it clean, in preparation to sell.

the new PB is really fast. i should download the Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo and see just how fast it is...
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Journal Journal: happy new year. 2005 = year of the rooster/chicken

never thought i'd hear this:
"your son is spending too much time playing on the computer and getting frustrated when he doesn't win. take it back to work."

took apart the pismo today. the dc/sound card is fscked up and it will cost 120$ for a replacement. really, really close to getting a new PB, especially since they've upgraded them.

i'm still tempted by the AMD64/939 systems that are based on the nForce4 chipset, although it would have to be an SFF. the dual opteron(iwill zmaxdp) is way too expensive($800) without the processors, which are, you guessed it, about $800. so maybe when shuttle comes out with an NF4 ultra, PCIe unit i'll bite.
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Journal Journal: hiatus over

2004: gentoo installed(2.4) and upgraded through to 2.6.10 machine is now back in the hands of the kids. waiting to decide on a new powerbook or an A64 system(pref. SFF) maybe a mini-itx.
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Journal Journal: linux format mag dvd issues

going on vacation; this will put a real hold on any developmentm linux or other. 'linux format' mag(a UK 'zine) has really nice dvd's with the mags, the latest has dynebolic and coliinux; only one problem, i can't get my nforce mobo to boot from the dvd no matter what i try. i'm saving my pennies for a new system - maybe when the northwood chips go down in price i can get a shuttle(sb61g2v2) OR maybe an amd64(i really like the soltek 3801)

Journal Journal: adventures in Gentoo-land

July 8, 2004: Gentoo - this is proving to be a bit more complicated than expected. the documentation is lacking a bit for those of us who are still stuck with dial-up(like you've never heard this before...) Getting the distfiles is more annoying than anything else. learned how to burn(only made four coasters!) i'll be happier once i get a more luggable machine; hauling my mid-tower back-and-forth to work is getting old. i want a shuttle amd64 xpc.

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