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Comment Re:Twitter is pro-Free Speech ? REALLY ?? (Score 1) 465

Hahaha...he got banned for posting and organizing targeted hate speech on a corporate business's website. This isn't how free speech works, you dumbass. This is why the right/alt-right fails at every turn for not understanding simple concepts.

And, don't exacerbate the mental illness of a young fool that claims to be gay while wearing multiple Christian crucifixes around his neck. The amount of cognitive dissonance is mind-boggling.

Comment Should Work The Opposite Way (Score 3, Interesting) 82

You'd think it would be a better idea to work in the opposite way like a welder's auto-darkening facemask works. It should let all sound through till it detects high dB levels or a certain level of white-ish noise and then instantly start cancelling and then disabling the cancelling feature when the noise or loud sounds stop.

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