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Journal Journal: T-Mobile is pissing me off.

I've been using T-mobile for 2 years now with nary a problem. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes on hold, never had a problem unlocking a phone, etc etc. So it was surprising when I found an extra $400 charge on my bill. You see, my phone died in early August, so I ordered a replacement (a SE T610.) I got a real good deal on it too, only $50 and I wasn't going to need any rebates to get that price either. I was talking to the CSR (actually customer retention) and mentioned that the phone I really wanted was a Moto V600 cuz it is hella-tight (even though its bluetooth support in OSX is substandard - the TFT screen and speakerphone more than make up for that, and iSync i'm sure will support it better by January.)

Turns out the CSR accidentally ordered the v600 for me, although he called back and said he canceled the order, I wouldn't be charged, etc etc. Sure enough I recieved a v600 in the mail, I figured it was a gift since I didn't order it (which it is, according to Section 5 of the FTC Act.)

    Apparently the cancellation didn't "go through," whatever that means. At least, thats what they said when I called up to get the charge taken off my bill. I talked to about 3 different CSRs and one supervisor, and the best they could do was take it off once I shipped it back. At my cost. This isn't acceptable to me, so I filed a FTC complaint. I doubt that will go anywhere, since it's "only" $300. I'm also going to call the Mass AG's office on Monday because they're closed for the weekend. ARRRGGH. I really don't think I should be punished because they have a poor ordering system.

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