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The Gimp

Journal Journal: SINGING!

i have recently been writing ditties.
someone else wrote the last 2.

My name is bob
and i have a big nob
its not the same
after i wanked again

i used to be cool
and wank over the 'dot
but now im a fool

because my nob is broken!!!

i had a wank, and a little spank
but now my cum
tastes of malda's bum.

and 2 by an ac

Here is my ass
Which you may kiss.
Take time and aim well
You don't want to miss.

For if you aim low
And your lips they do fall
Then you will find
You'll be sucking my balls.

If you aim high
Despite your true heart
Sucks to be you
Now you're eating my fart.


Weeelllll -

my cunt is a'drippin',
your lips are a'sippin',
my ass is a'crappin',
your mouth is a'lappin'

all that comes out of an oracifce
you eat for a main course-ifice
poop and pee, all a'yummy
Sitting proud inside your tummy!


Journal Journal: blaaaart 1

this is a boring journal. i am bored with all the stories.bored bored bored. and there havent been too many good trolls lately.
User Journal

Journal Journal: penis birds 3

they are dying. writte to the wwf and try and save them

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