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Submission + - Apple Granted 36 New Patents (

coolnumbr12 writes: The US Patent and Trademark Office officially granted 36 patents to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) on Tuesday. Many of them are patents on older technology, such as two patents on the design of the original iPad, and others are pretty complex and technical. Some, however, give some interesting hints at Appleâ(TM)s future plans for Macs, iPhones and iPads. Hereâ(TM)s what you need to know.

Submission + - $100 3D Printer And Scanner (

coolnumbr12 writes: In just three days, Peachy Printer soared past its $50,000 goal. At the time of writing, the project has attracted $288,002 of funding on Kickstarter.

Peachy Printer relies on software that translates 3D models in an audio wave, and then plays the audio file through a computerâ(TM)s headphone jack. Peachy Printer uses the audio wave to drive a pair of electromagnetic mirrors to reflect a laser beam that shapes a hard object out of resin. The method significantly cuts down on the cost of the hardware.

Submission + - World's Largest Walking Robot Is A Fire-Breathing Dragon (

coolnumbr12 writes: The latest edition of Guinness World Records book, which was released last week, has a new record for the world’s largest walking robot. It is more than 51.57 feet long, 26.90 feet tall and it is totally awesome.

Built by Zollner Elektronik AG in Germany, the world’s largest walking robot is actually a gigantic fire-breathing dragon named “Tradinno.”

Submission + - M7 Chip In iPhone 5S Lays Foundation For iWatch (

coolnumbr12 writes: Apple said that the M7 will help the iPhone 5S save battery power when running navigation and fitness apps, but this seems like a pretty minor reason for including an entirely new processor in Apple’s flagship device. The M7 chip may actually have a much more crucial role in Apple’s plans: the coming of the iWatch.

Looking at Apple's history of testing out new technology in devices that don't need it, we can see a bit of how Apple plans to sync the iWatch with other devices, how it can stretch the battery to the rumored 7 days, and even a strong clue at when Apple will reveal the iWatch.

Submission + - Graphene Transistors Made With DNA (

coolnumbr12 writes: Graphene is a super strong, super thin and versatile material that has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Scientists hope that it could someday revolutionize the world, but it is still far from ready for primetime.
One of the primary problems is that graphene, just a single atom thick, is incredibly difficult and expensive to mass produce. A group of researchers at Stanford feel like they have found a solution. Using DNA as mechanism to construct graphene, the scientists were able to build a transistor. While this is still very early, the Stanford researchers hope that their research could lead to revolutionary new processors that are far smaller and faster than anything possible today.

Submission + - Nissan's Nismo Smart Watch Looks Better Than Galaxy Gear (

coolnumbr12 writes: After what many felt was a lackluster entry into the smart watch market with the Galaxy Gear, Samsung left the door wide open for other competitors. Many thought it would come in the form of the Apple iWatch, but few, if any, suspected a worthy competitor from an automobile company.

Yet here is the Nismo, a sleek new smart watch introduced by Nissan on Monday ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which begins Tuesday. Nismo helps drivers connect to their Nissan car with real-time data. It monitors car performance, delivers messages and notifications, connects to social media and event tracks the driver's biometric data.

Submission + - Google Speeding Up New Encryption Project After Latest Snowden Leaks ( 3

coolnumbr12 writes: In a new leak published by the Guadrian, New York Times and ProPublica, Edward Snowden revealed new secret programs by the NSA and GCHQ to decrypt programs designed to keep information private online. In response to NSA’s Bullrun and GCHQ’s Edgehill, Google said it has accelerated efforts to build new encryption software that is impenetrable to the government agencies.

Google has not provided details on its new encryption efforts, but did say it would be “end-to-end,” meaning that all servers and fiber-optic lines involved in delivering information will be encrypted.

Submission + - Japan's L-Zero Maglev Train Reaches 310 MPH In Trials (

coolnumbr12 writes: Japan’s magnetic-levitation train is still more than decade away from completion, but the L-Zero recently proved that it really is the world’s fastest train. On a 15-mile stretch of test track, the L-Zero reached speeds of 310 miles per hour. After the successful trials, Central Japan Railway Co. is going ahead with a 5.1 trillion yen ($52 billion) plan to build a 177-mile maglev line between Tokyo and Nagoya. CJR says the trip will take just 40 minutes on the L-Zero.

Submission + - Elon Musk Reveals Hands-Free Engineering System (

coolnumbr12 writes: Inspired by the “Iron Man” movies — which Musk actually inspired director Jon Favreau’s depiction of Tony Stark — Musk developed a system that allows engineers to design complex parts using hand gestures through the air and instantly create it. The technology uses Leap Motion hands-free controllers, Oculus Rift virtual reality and 3D printing.

Musk hinted at the technology August 23 on Twitter, and released a video today showing used to design a rocket part and instantly created out of titanium in a 3D printer.

Submission + - FBI Cyber Division Adds Syrian Electronic Army To Wanted List (

coolnumbr12 writes: The U.S. government has had enough of the Syrian Electronic Army’s hacks of Western media and government outlets. A week after the SEA shut down the New York Times, the FBI Cyber Division unit has officially added the pro-Assad hacker collective to its wanted list.

The FBI issued an advisory that included information about the SEA, its capabilities, and some of its more heinous attacks. The advisory also warns networks to be on the lookout for attacks, and that anyone found to be aiding the SEA will be seen as terrorists actively aiding attacks against the U.S. websites.

Submission + - Samsung Planning First Ever Ultra HD OLED TV (

coolnumbr12 writes: While the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smart watch drew the lion’s share of the media attention at Wednesday's “Samsung Unpacked” event at the IFA Electronics show in Berlin, it wasn’t the only impressive technology the South Korean company had up its sleeve. At the show Thursday, Samsung revealed a new 98-inch Ultra HDTV and plans to make a 110-inch model. Samsung also hinted that it is developing the first-ever Ultra HD OLED TV.

Submission + - 20 Possible Steve Ballmer Successors (

coolnumbr12 writes: Microsoft hires from within, as experiments with bringing in outside help have failed in the past. With over 90,000 employees in nearly every area of technology, a Microsoft CEO needs to have diverse experienc as well as an in-depth knowledge of the company. However, an outside perspective may be what Microsoft needs to get back on track. With this in mind, here are some of the people believed to be considered as Ballmer’s replacement, beginning with the most likely candidates.

Submission + - Samsung Releases A Sexist And Racist Ad ( 1

coolnumbr12 writes: Samsung may have made a giant marketing blunder with a new video intended to push its SSD 840 EVO solid state hard drive. A video depicting three people struggling with slow computers and being amazed by the speed of the SSD 840 EVO drive has drawn the ire of Reddit, and not just for its terrible script, flat acting, and ridiculously optimistic stock music. The video is also accused of promoting sexist and racist stereotypes.

Submission + - 7 Cool, Creepy And Crazy Robots (

coolnumbr12 writes: Let’s be honest, few things are cooler than robots, and 2013 has been an excellent year in the advancement of robotics thus far. But with these inventions, there are many more that seem built to simply inspire a collective “wtf?” We don’t just mean defects, like the hilarious malfunction of Honda’s ASIMO robot at a recent demonstration. Some robots just seem too crazy to even believe. So here are some of the coolest, strangest and plain most-ridiculous robots out there right now.

Submission + - LQ Quad HD, World's Thinnest And Highest Resolution Smartphone Display (

coolnumbr12 writes: LG Display, the world’s largest LCD panel maker, has developed a screen that aims to put all others to shame. LG Displays calls the display the "Quad HD" because of its 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, which is four times the amount of pixels in current full HD screens. The Quad HD features a 5.5-inch display and only 1.21mm thick, approximately 12 percent thinner than the 5.2-inch display LG Display released last month. In addition to featuring the most pixels, LG Display claims that the Quad HD is the “world’s slimmest and narrowest panel.”

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