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Journal Journal: goodness

so what a day.. i'm stuck here in the land of PODUNK .. For the past 3 years, I've had to deal with this FUCKING dialup connection.. I can't take it any longer..

My particular area does not offer any type of Broadband internet connection.. To top things off, I share my dialup connection with 3 other people.. So you can only fucking imagine what its like being an ebay powerseller, on a dialup modem, working with a team of historical researchers..

I can literally look out my office window, and see other buildings and residential areas that can get cable or DSL without any problems.. I've been on the phone with the district president of Verizon, Comcast, and Medicomm about the matter, and they keep giving me this "budget" bullshit rant about how they cannot give me what I need..

As a business, I'm fucking digusted with these providers.. Verizon in particular.. I own 3 phone lines, and an 800 line.. I'm a very valuable customer to them, but they won't shell out the $2000 to lay some cable for me so I can get DSL for my business.. These people can FUCK right off.. I hate this place..

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