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Journal Journal: Back and livin large

After a fantastic vacation in Japan I am back.

Spent some time getting my blog migrated out of my spare room and onto a managed server.

So no running around after a powercut anymore.

Will add photos to flickr


Journal Journal: Check sheet

Moleskine ... check
flickr email sub ... check
camera ... check
clothes ... check
tourist books .... check
accomodation .... check
e-ticket .... check
passport ....

Where did I put that passport?

Ahh, here it is safely in my pocket. ;-)
So now off to Tokyo ... [To be continued ...]


Journal Journal: Genki desu!

One week and counting... ^-^

One week tomorrow, at about 10 am, I will be on a plane to LHR to get a connection to Tokyo Narita for my long awaited 3 week vacation.

I have wanted to visit Japan for, oh, 18 years now.

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Journal Journal: Fair enough guv'nr

Well, turns out someone else posted an article on the same thing as me Hitatchi Robot a full 6 hours before I did.

I do not feel too bad about it. At least the article was posted on /. even if It was not posted by me. ;-)

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Journal Journal: I like my uid! damit!

I find it kinda spooky.
My first PC was a second hand Olivetti 8086 that I got in my second year at University in 1991.

1991 was also a banner year as I discovered the internet on the universities VAX/VMS system.
I found I was able to use a command called TALK to communicate with other students around the world.
It was also the year I read Neuromancer for the first time. Quite a formative period all things considered.

For nostalgia buffs the PC I owned is here. It had the orange phosphor screen and I was able to play Wolfenstein 3D on it, even though the game claimed incompatibility below an 80286.
It, unfortunately, disappeared between house moves.

I find it amusing that I was using a 12 inch screen 14 years ago, and I am still using one today. On my apple iBook. ;-)

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Journal Journal: New Slashdot ID

Well, finally got a new ID for slashdot after forgetting my old one.
Been posting as "anonymous coward" for the last year or so.

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