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Journal Journal: National Data Fire Drill Week

After yet another client lost a database with no backup (1.2G, 1100 customers), I have decided to create and promote National Data Fire Drill Week.

I'm promoting an idea for people to test their backup and restore systems annually.

National Data Fire Drill Week is an opportunity to rehearse recovery from a data disaster. It traditionally (can we say that yet) falls on the calendar week between Christmas and New Year's Day, when many companies have less activity. However, if this is a busy time for you, you may wish to celebrate it a different time of year.

How to celebrate National Data Fire Drill Week:

Devise a scenario in which your data will be lost. It can be as simple as someone accidentally deleted the database, or as complex as looters stole the computers after the volcano erupted.

Mae a copy of crucial data before doing the rest of this so that you don't lose live data.

Do what you would have to do to restore the data. If that means replacing a machine, do it. Restore from whatever backup is appropriate - something in a closet or an offsite backup. Make sure your restored data are usable.

If you cannot complete the drill, figure out why and FIX it.

If you complete it successfully, your staff will not panic if (when) you have a data loss emergency.

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Journal Journal: Pony Express 1

So what's the deal with the Pony Express thing?

My partner was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. After undergoing three surgeries (including a mastectomy) and chemotherapy, she seems to be okay.

This year, I came upon information about the Pony Express Relay for the Susan G. Komen Fund against breast cancer. The Pony Express Relay is a motorcycle relay and, being a motorcyclist and close to someone who experienced breast cancer, I was interested.

I'm willing to take donations in any amount from anyone. The checks get made out to Komen Foundation (which has their own website at www.komen.org) so Pony Express doesn't take any fee off this. I'm thinking about an appropriate way of showing slashdot support if enough slashdotters sponsor me - slashdot sticker on my helmet?

Anyway, if you're interested in sponsoring me, see www.cindik.com/cycles/ponyexpress/.

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