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Comment Get off of my lawn! (Score 1) 533

Every new thing will have a group of people who insist that it is the devil. Maybe it is, and good for them for saying something. Too bad no one is listening to them.

But then again, maybe some people just hate change...

Systemd was built for a reason, maybe a bad one, but a line of thinking went into it. Booting is not a simple thing, despite what you would like to think, and it could be made better.

One thing is for sure though, OSS is not going to stand still, and IMHO, that is a damn good thing...

Comment Re:Activist investors (Score 1) 208

This is more than wrong, it is dangerous. Draw it out to its extremes and the issue becomes obvious. Investing in a company that does something indisputably abhorrent (use your imagination) is not in the best interest of the institution that it serves, even if the investment is lucrative.

In the particular case of coal, I suspect that you and Stanford have a difference of opinion on exactly where that line is. There is nothing wrong with having that difference of opinion, but there is a lot wrong with blindly advocating profit for profit's sake.

Comment Re:Automatic upgrade (Score 1) 153

That would be a reasonable thing to say if the world all ran Windows. This is in fact very much not the case. Apple users are forced to use Silverlight if they wish to use Netflix, and there is no auto-update feature. You have to download the latest DMG to your desktop, shut down your browser, and install it. Very 1995...

Comment What a ride... (Score 1) 1521

Thanks for everything Rob. Back in 1998 when I created my account I thought I had fallen into geek heaven. I found myself compulsively hitting reload hoping for a new story to show up.

I remember many a time reading TFA and finding that it linked to something else that was interesting. I followed those rabbit holes for days sometimes, and some of that was even before tabbed browsing... I wish I had the time to describe all of the wonderful things I learned and the places that knowledge took me... Suffice to say, I appreciate what you started, it means a lot to me.

Comment Maturity... (Score 1) 921

This information is not surprising to me.

When you believe there is an afterlife, you are never forced to get comfortable with the idea of death. It takes a long time to deal with the topic of your own demise, perhaps even a lifetime.

This is reminiscent of a teenager who is learning to awkwardly define who they are. Over time, after trying many things and failing at some and succeeding at others, the kid turns into an adult. The path behind them, full of good and bad experiences, defines this person and shapes who they are as an adult.

The other word for this is ... maturity... Oddly enough, it is not just for kids. Maturity is a process that defines how you deal with any awkward or uncomfortable situation. You simply muddle your way through it, learn something and use that experience the next time you see the same situation. Over time, you get better at it. Eventually you look pretty polished, and if you're lucky, you'll even feel pretty polished.

Anything that seeks to insulate you from reality, prevents you from maturing. The end result will not be pretty when it comes to a terminal issue like death...



Submission + - LinuxFest Northwest 2007

Hunter Gatherer Peng writes: "LinuxFest Northwest 2007, is just seven days away. Hear speakers from Red Hat, Google, SuSE/Novell, OLPC project, MySQL, Sofware Freedom Law Center, Linden Labs, OSTG, Linux Fund, over 40 speakers, 42 exhibitors per day and several exhibitors will be actively recruiting. Admission and parking are free for both days, April 28th and 29th in Bellingham Wash. This is a huge free Linux/OSS community event, don't miss it."

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