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Journal Journal: I am funny!

Now I am officially funny, I got an inital 5 Funny (it's down to 4). I am still happy. My Karma is "bad", how does that get better? It must be similar to a non-millionaire becoming president of the US.
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Journal Journal: I am validated..

I feel validated because I got an "interesting" modifier on one of my posts here on slashdot. I feel like a god!
Don't tell me that "everyone" gets posts marked as interesting. No, I told you not to tell me that.
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Journal Journal: Burned out from a weekend at work..

I am so burned out here at work. I have a BIG project due in a few months and too much else competing with working on it. I doubt I will get it done bitching here on slashdot... That's why I am gone
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Journal Journal: I like this. This is how God indended it to be.

I like slashdot. It's my favorite place in the world. I feel as if I belong here. There are people more geeky than I, there are people less geeky than I. There are people who spell worse, and people who spell better.
It's a community of people to which I belong. Except we are all over the world. It's just magic.
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Journal Journal: post from work

Here is a post from work. Mainly to prove to myself I can post from here. There is some odd proxy caching happening so I am not getting the stories as soon as they come out. So much for "first posts". Maybe I can be known for funny posts....
naah, but it's more likely than insightful....
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Journal Journal: first post

My first post.
After years of having a slashdot account, I forgot the password and never used it anyhow.
Now I can post (but have a high user number). My old user number was half of this one.
Oh well.
In case anyone is checking me out, I have an account at DevianArt ( ) and a blog at
My interests are BLENDER, BLENDER and BLENDER. I also like everything slashdot, penny-arcade, pvponline and a few other things (but I will not mention them now).

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