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Journal Journal: Best OS for Apple PowerBook G3 (Lombard)? 1

I just inherited an Apple Powerbook G3 (Lombard) and am trying to figure out how to get the best use out of it. Initially I thought I'd cram Mac OS 10.4 on there but then realized that poor machine would be about as fast as a herd of turtles trampling through molasses. Then I pondered Linux and from what I read in my searches Xubuntu may be the best fit.

G3 PowerBook (Lombard)
333 MHz
512K RAM

Web surfing
Web development

Which OS (Stick with Mac or go Linux)?
Which flavor of Linux?
Which wifi card will be best (driver support, etc)?

I ask this because I'm a Linux newbie but would like to know more about it. "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope"
User Journal

Journal Journal: Choosing jobs

I recently posted a comment about choosing a job based on one's values. I was writing this post as 5:00 rolled around and it was time for me to leave work. I almost feel as if I was rushed and didn't have a chance to spew forth all the thoughts I've had on it.

Choosing a job can be a huge thing. To some, it can be based solely on money, which can make the decision quite simple. Maybe they have to weigh in extra travel time to work or a different corporate culture, but if money is their driving factor then those others probably don't amount to much.

I've got a deep entrepreneurial streak in me. I've wanted to start my own business since before college and have changed majors accordingly. I once had a sweet web development job at Siemens and quit it all to move 3,000 miles away where I had only one friend just to start a new company. Siemens treated me good...damn good. The pay was good and everything else they did for me was good. But I had to try the new I did. 3,000 miles later and a horrific slash in pay (with a huge increase in debt) I had formed an Internet consulting firm with a friend and we had built it up to be on its way to greatness.

Not all was well however. The debts were still there and we were still in start-up mode. The decision was made for me to take a full-time job while we struggled through our early growing pains. In theory, it was a great idea. I'd nuke my debt while the company grows and then I'd come back debt-free to a more stable company that could handle my salary too. But in reality...well let's say it wasn't so hot. Leaving Santa Cruz for Philadelphia was quite a shock. The weather alone (hot and humid in the summer, cold and miserable in the winter) blew. Not having great mtn biking five minues away or great surf. The people...well they were much harsher in Philly than in Santa Cruz. I yearned to come back. However, it was in Philly that I picked up on the WiFi job. I loved WiFi. I loved traveling all over the US, installing and meeting people, learning new technologies, and had a great opportunity to grow with this company.

But alas, I missed what was really important to me. Santa Cruz had what I wanted. Even when I was dirt poor in Santa Cruz, I enjoyed life. I was making four times the money in Philly, but it still wasn't the same. So I went back to Santa Cruz for an uncertain future. Our company was doing great and we had some big name clients. But it was time to move on. The other Principal wanted to go to law school. I wanted a bit more stability. We slowly let our business run itself out and passed our clients on to other local companies. I took a job doing tech support and am enjoying life with benefits and a steady paycheck.

And this is where it got interesting. The WiFi company called me up and asked what it would take for me to quit my job and get back with them. I said a 50% raise would have me consider it. Damn that entrepreneurial streak! The thought of playing with WiFi all around again sounded soooo good. Making a few thousant more a month sounded pretty appealing too. I'd love to knock out my debts sooner and buy some toys. And the upward potential? Amazing. Better than at my current place. But alas...I would not be able to ride my bike to work every day. I wouldn't get to go mtn biking as much. No walks on the beach after work (where would I be each night?) and not stability in terms of "hey, let's get together next week".

Obviously I declined the offer. What is life if you don't live it? We've heard the phrase "I work to live, not live to work"...but how many people actually follow that? I'm tired of the rat race. I don't exist to work and do nothing else. All the drive and determination I have will be put to good use...perhaps a book or a new business or technology...but not for someone else to enjoy while I work myself into the ground. Money isn't everything. It sure helps pay the bills and CAN help you live a better lifestyle, but it can't be your lifestyle.
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Journal Journal: Fingerprints 1

I had an odd random thought tonight as I stared at the gash in my right thumb (got it from rinsing a cat food can...quite a nice long, deep slice). I find fingerprints quite amazing. Why...just why do we all have a distinct set of fingerprints? What's the purpose? As living beings, we can have so many features that are similar or different than others. We can be mistaken for others. But, deep down inside, we have different DNA. That's what makes us different than everyone else (aside from, of course, our upbringing, our upbringing, etc.). We may have similar facial features or builds as others, but our DNA is unique. But why do we have a set of different fingerprints? What genetic purpose does it serve? It can't be a survival thing, can it? Do cats and dogs have different prints on their pads? Random Saturday night musings that have me wondering...
User Journal

Journal Journal: Accountability revisited

Once again, I'm forced to write about the accountability of people's actions. I should rephrase that to be "the lack of accountability". Just recently I replied to the article on how football and video games make today's kids violent. I stated we as a society have become too damn lazy. Instead of parents taking an active role in raising their children, they simply shove them in front of the TV or ignore them. When their kids misbehave, it's not their fault. It's society's fault...the movies they watch, the games they play.

I write in my journal because the posting got a couple positive replies and then it got a negative one. Perhaps this "under-rater" is one of the parents I alluded to in my posting and they were offended? We may never know. However, we as a society really need to wake up and smell the coffee. You know...we really are responsible for some of our actions. We can't blame everything on society. We're dumbing down our population. It's almost (ok, it's VERY) insulting to have warning on everything (coffee is hot, knife is sharp, don't try this at home) labeled. I tire of listening to parents talk about how the school has failed them in rearing their children while watching their kids run around the store or restaurant with complete reckless abandon. It's not that hard to say "hey, stop it". We can't blame everything on someone else. We've become soft and lazy as a society and it's really kind of disheartening. I'm still a young fella but I feel like an old fogey when I have to rant on about this.

I could go on and on, ranting about numerous personal situations where I've seen the "but it's not my fault" attitude prevail when it clearly IS their fault. If I eat too much and don't exercise, I expect to get fat. If I poke myself in the eye with a fork, I expect to get hurt. If I pour boiling water on my hand, I expect to get burnt. If I never discipline my kids, I expect them to be bad. Thus, I take action to make sure the bad doesn't happen.

Is this the mark of decline for our society? Is this the price we pay for having lived so comfortably for generation after generation? We've become so complacent that now we're going to slowly slide into a society of idiots? Geeze I hope not. Where do we go from here? Will it get better?
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Journal Journal: The Snooze Button

The snooze anyone sick of it? Do you have a significant other or roommate that relies on this thing? I'm sorry, but it annoys the hell out of me. Why would you want to purposely wake up at 6:30 if you know you're just going to hit the snooze button until 7:30? That's an hour of wasted sleep. "But I get a little more rest in there". Um, yeah. After being abruptly woken up every 7 or 9 minutes. It's just not good for the body. I say we ban them.

Journal Journal: Accountability 5

Time to rant. Doesn't anyone get a little tired of how in today's society, everything is "their fault" and nobody will take responsibility for their actions? "I burned myself, sue McDonalds because they didn't warn me hot coffee is hot".

"My kid is fat, it's not my fault". Well make them go outside and play instead of sitting on their asses all day watching TV and stuffing their faces with greasy food because you're too damn lazy to cook something good.

It's spreading to business...RIAA blames poor sales on MP3s. MPAA blames poor sales on texting. WTF?

It's really sad. Really sad. I've seen it everywhere. Kid's bad behavior is because of school, not poor parenting at home. Actually, I could go on forever about the whole education and child-rearing thing.

Do you think this will stop? Or is it a trend that will continue to get worse? Or will people say "wow...this is getting out of control"?

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