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The Internet

Journal Journal: Network Politics

This truely is an interesting article that slashdot has posted today. I find it amazing when people find a way to harness this peer-to-peer, network kinetic energy. You see it in the birth and maturity of Linux Software, you see it in the number of units calculated in the SETI project, and now you are beginning to see it in the form of a political movement.

I have a suggestion for these people at If you want to make change, forget hiring a lobbiest. What you need to do is swing an election. Maybe a congressional race or two, and then a senate race. This is how the NRA works, and the method is extremely effective:
  1. They chose a close race where their champion (the pro-gun candidate) has a good chance of winning and where the incumbant bad guy (the anti-gun law incumbant) has wronged them.
  2. They spend lots of money in advertising to promote the champion in small critical voting districts. In some cases in may only be one or two. That way they get maximum payoff, for minimum money.
  3. If their guy wins (and they ususally do), every other congressman or senator is now on notice. Don't piss off the NRA, or you could be next.

This is how you influence policy. And this is the best way to invest the generous donations of your movements constituents.

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