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Comment Re:OSS propaganda is good? (Score -1) 116

Agreed. The more tools and techniques developed by any government to help inform citizens of any and all ideas is a good thing. The free flow of information and debate is important in order to come to the correct conclusions about current events, technology, systems of government, foreign policies, fiscal mandates, freedom, etc.

Comment Re:Man, get over yourself! (Score 0) 696

That's a fair analysis about history and how news is disseminated. I'll even concede that comedy is a powerful method of making a point. Maybe there popularity, especially with youth, is based on the seriousness of the subject matter of the world today. Some of it's even scary and their comedic medium may be a way for youth to cope. I see the problems of the world today and disagree with how these clowns treat it. However, maybe I should be grateful they're engaging the youth with these important ideas, even if they do so with a bias.

Comment Re:Why? (Score -1, Troll) 696

Could be. My interpretation of the Daily Show and the Colbert report are of my own opinion. It may be I'm out of touch and dull or am a part of the demographic that has moved on or both. To be honest, those guys were never funny to me. I will say their popularity is troubling when such a large population of America's youth enjoys getting their political news in the form of slap stick humor. In contrast, the older generations (especially WWII) were engaged in current events on a more serious medium. I wonder if the difference in news content vs. how the generations received their news as young adults represents how America has been dumbed down. Or maybe previous generations had no sense of humor, were bland and too serious. Personally, I find myself respecting the ways of the old timers. Stewart and Colbert are juvenile to me. To each their own, I guess.

Comment Re:Why? (Score -1, Troll) 696

I think these guys legitimately care about their ideology and are stuck with comedian jobs. They know their relevance is ending when the 20 somethings that used to watch them while eating cheetos are now turning 30 and are bored with their childish humor. These rallies are their attempt to stay relevant.

Comment Re:Really?? (Score 0, Insightful) 377

The more platforms we have available as developers, the easier it is to find solutions. Being able to program in Java and .NET and mixing a system seamlessly allows for faster development and more bells and whistles. I welcome .NET on any platform because it's better at certain things over Java (and vice versa).

Comment Re:The best resolution... (Score 1, Insightful) 238

These old fuddy duddies have lost all perspective of engineering. They're both right and wrong. Understanding a system can be obtained from different perspective, INCLUDING the genome. To dismiss, as Meyers did, that the genome isn't the approach and Kurzweil's redefinition of his comments misses the point. Both need to realize that in the end the brain will be mastered by many researchers from many disciplines in many labs. The culmination of knowledge will yield from different angles through different experiments. To suggest that our understanding of the mind will only come from angle A, B and Z is like saying the only way to wrap your mind around an application is by studying the database alone.

Comment Re: NASA to cut back on Constellation (Score 1, Insightful) 132

Too bad this is happening because I've always been a fan of private industry gaining more experience in the space exploration industry. It seems, not only was NASA inefficient and bureaucratic when it came to building space vehicles, they're impotent when charged with the simple task of doling out cash to competent private companies who are better equipped to handle the job. Yet another example of how large government is broken. I've worked in both the private and public sector and know from experience the problem lies with accountability. There is a serious disconnect between reality (i.e. what works vs. doesn't) and politics. Policies in private industry are based on getting the job done quickly, efficiently and competitively whereas there is no such incentive in the government sector.

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