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Comment Re:what about increased reliability? (Score 1) 287

on the other hand, i've seen cases where an old 12 Volt fan or a crappy harddisk either shorts out or worse induces a lot of noise into the line.

With a power supply per server, this usually affects only that one machine. Now, if you have a power supply per rack, this might affect all servers in that rack. Especially with the noise-on-the-line problem, this might not actually shut down or crash the servers, it might make them unreliable -> much harder to find the bad component!

I'*d say, rather than changing the power supply, we should focus on the power consumption. From what i've seen, most servers in a company are completly over-sized in terms of capabilities because "at some point in the next 5 years (well after the next upgrade...) we'll need that resources". In many of these cases, the companies could save a lot of energy and money by buying slower and "greener" servers without really reducing service.

In one case, i've seen a top-notch AMD Quad-Core Dual-Processor Machine with 8 Gig RAM used as an Email-Server for about 10 people. And yes, it also had a top-notch graphics card, too. Hooked up to a DSL-Line. In this case, a 5 Watt Soekris would have been enough and it probably even would not have slowed email transfer...

Comment Re:HAM Radio / Blogging (Score 1) 504

That's why you probably wont need a big antenna. One of this mobile ones with the magnet on the bottom should be really enough.

May also take a few meters of cable, some solder and a soldering iron with you... if need be, you can put together a simple handheld yagi and call you beloved ones via HAM satellite. And that's what your internet connection comes into play: Spend a few minutes looking up the up-to-date comm passes. Even just listening in could be a very exiting experience for you and your shipmates.. with any luck, you might even make contact with the International Space Station (Callsign: NA1SS)

Check this and this out.

Comment Re:HAM Radio / Blogging (Score 1) 504

A paper journal also gives (at least) me more time to think about what i'm actually writing, because it's a much slower, more intense process than typing on a keyboard.

When you come home. you can always take the text you have written, put it into a text editor and expand on it before putting it on the web... (but: add the scans too!)

Comment HAM Radio / Blogging (Score 3, Interesting) 504

Get a HAM radio license and a portable radio (like the VX-7R or whatever works for you).

While you likely wont be able to make worldwide contacts (unless you bring a 30+ meter long antenna with you as well), you should be able to contact many people while you are near the shore.

Believe me, it's much more interesting than surfing the web. And in case of an emergency, you have some means of backup communication.

About blogging: Don't blog. At least not "online". If you really want to blog (a some sort of diary), do it offline but spend as little time as possible on it; just take quick notes. When the semester is over, take that notes, refine them into articles and release them part-by-part over some time. This way, you don't waste precious time of your semester AND you have much more leisure time to really release refined articles.


Finnish Patient Gets New Jaw from His Own Stem Cells 141

An anonymous reader writes with news out of Finland, where a patient's upper jaw was replaced with bone cultivated from stem cells and grown inside the patient himself. We discussed other advances in stem cell research a few months ago. Quoting: "In this case they identified and pulled out cells called mesenchymal stem cells -- immature cells than can give rise to bone, muscle or blood vessels. When they had enough cells to work with, they attached them to a scaffold made out of a calcium phosphate biomaterial and then put it inside the patient's abdomen to grow for nine months. The cells turned into a variety of tissues and even produced blood vessels, the researchers said."

The Effects of the Fibre Outage Throughout the Mediterranean 101

Umar Kalim writes "Analysts have been studying the effects of the fibre outage throughout the Mediterranean in terms of network performance, by examining the changes in packet losses, latencies and throughput. We initially discussed the outage yesterday. 'It is interesting that some countries such as Pakistan were mainly unaffected, despite the impact on neighboring countries such as India. This contrasts dramatically to the situation in June - July 2005, when due to a fibre cut of SEAMEWE3 off Karachi, Pakistan lost all terrestrial Internet connectivity which resulted, in many cases, in a complete 12 day outage of services. This is a tribute to the increased redundancy of international fibre connectivity installed for Pakistan in the last few years.'"

Submission + - Hackers on a Plane

cavac writes: "After sucessfull computer camps in 1999 and 2003, this years August will see another Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin/Germany with 1500+ hackers expected.

Due to compatible timing of this years DefCon, hackers wanting to visit both events started the Hackers on a Plane project. An all-inclusive hackers dream come true."

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