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Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Macintosh eats intel takes down linux gobbles up microsoft

Okay, so I was like late to work one day and what happens? Apple decides to start putting pentium chips into their machines, slashdot explodes in delerium, idiot prediculators start saying I told you so and now linux is doomed. Sheesh. First, I never said it out loud, but I thought that moonshine would be flowing out monkey butts by the shoefull before apple would switch to intel pentiums. But it must be okay cuz Jobs sayz that they have a better roadmap which explains why apple is giving up a 64 bit (including its 128 bit high speed highway) risc machine for the pentium D, a 32 bit machines with limited bus speeds and will be outdated early next year which oh by the way is when these new super apple machines will hit the market.... but I digress. The other very interesting aspect to this is now all the prediculators are saying "this will kill linux cuz linux will be dead dead dead." Uh, yeah, cuz everyone who has a mac bought it cuz it has a unix core buried way way down inside there somewhere. No actually. I am surrounded by a bunch of damn apple luvers. They like the pretty icons and the little menu thingie at the top of the desktop. They doesn't care one whit about that bsd thingie which keeps track of their processes. If anything this will be good for linux cuz now people will look at the market and think... well... (1) I could buy a dirt cheap windows machine which is looking more and more like a mac every couple years and windows is only bad after several years of use now rather than almost immediately. (2) I could buy an intel box and put linux on it cuz the hardware is cheap and the software powerful. If only I could get it to work. (3) I could pay way more for an apple cuz it looks nice. Best of all buying an apple is like buying a VW. It's a life style choice cuz that's what the commerical tells me. Oh yeah and I heard someone tell me that it has a unix kernel! I'll take option 3 and screw the little penguin!!!! Or, maybe not. In fact I asked all the apple luvers hanging out around here what they thought and they looked at me and said, "what?" They didn't know they didn't care they now know and they still don't care. They are going to buy more apples and they will be happy. So I'm guessing that this won't really matter at all. Althought, there is one thing going for it. Now apple can get hold of betterer video hardware dirt cheap. Now apple can play games really fast. Now apple expects all those big time gamers to buy apples and whole families can switch. I'm guessing not.

GNU is Not Unix

Journal Journal: Richard Stallman not thrilled

Okay, Nokia has decided to allow one open source project to make limited use of a subset of their patents, and today slashdot ran an article noting that Richard Stallman wasn't thrilled with it. Since this appears to be "news" I thought it best to list a few other things that Mr. Stallman is not enthusiastic about:

  • Close Source Software
  • Patents in general
  • Invasions of privacy
  • People who take their liberty for granted
  • Small, hairless, yippy dogs
  • People who just say "linux"
  • Coconut-praline ice cream with microwaved gnat sprinkles
  • A kick in the gnonads
  • People who don't know the difference between gnonads and gnomads
  • People who mispronounce gnonads.
  • Shaving
  • < insert bad joke about soap here >
  • Those snooty Harvard frat guys cuz he didn't want to be in their little "club" anyways
  • red meat
  • People who don't share
  • A long list of other things that aren't listed here

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