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Journal Journal: the only candy-raver-nrrrd-grrrl-uber-geek you'll ever meet 1

**add "straight-edge" - it wouldn't fit in the subject line.

write me email or something if you're a penn stater who also thinks along those lines. i swear everyone at that school just has a huge stick up their butt. cheap in-state tuition has a way of making everything else tolerable - it's amazing.

my new theory is that if i write in my journal that eventually i'll get metamoderation : ) hehe

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Journal Journal: another rejection

well, the story i thought might get used for halloween has finally been rejected... it was pending for a couple months... oh well.

dude, that new journal icon is snazzy. i like the /. logo on the cover

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Journal Journal: my router choice

anybody have anything bad to say about the SMC barricade router? except anybody who tried to use it with a modem - that was just a dumb idea.

the SMC beat out the Linksys 4-port 10/100 because it has a built in print server, and got the thumbs up from here's a cool side-by-side analysis, though it can't beat tom's hardware for readability and overall awesomeness.

my biggest beef with SMC is their webpage - it sucks ass. they have some crappy frames so you can't even link to specific product pages and that just pisses me off.

while we're on the subject of hardware, could someone buy me this?

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