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Comment classified areas (Score 1) 1127

Writing code in a SCIF sucks. You won't have Internet access and any code you write can't be taken out of the room unless there is a trusted download process in place (and even then, it isn't easy.)

Usually you are just patching code and debugging in a SKIF as opposed to writing tons of brand new software, but it still sucks.

Comment Re:how is parent flamebait ? (Score 1) 414

Regarding the other point you made: there are a lot of economists that say a lot of things.

Exactly. "Economist" is about as broad a term as "Politician". Personally, I identify with the Austrian school of economics. But, there are many other camps and you can find someone to try and back up just about any scenario out there. The fact that someone with a title is willing to say something doesn't make it automatically "right."

I think the parent poster is just alone on Christmas Eve and in a particularly foul mood.

Comment Re:how is parent flamebait ? (Score 1) 414

Hello, and welcome to Slashdot. It seems you are having trouble understanding how this site works. You posted a comment that people with mod points felt was pure and complete flamebait. You are not entitled to an appeal. Posting a reply to your own post which was already modded as flamebait is both bad form and also demonstrates that you are having self awareness issues.

Please enjoy this site responsibly in the future.

P.S. you seem very angry. Why are you in such a grumpy mood on Christmas Eve?

Comment Re:Not understanding and lashing out is l33t (Score 1, Insightful) 414

There is a thing in this country that you many not be familiar with, I call it "choice." If you choose to live Nowhereville USA, you may not have broadband or cable TV. Therefore, if you live here and want to start the next IBM, Apple or Microsoft, you can and should pack up and move somewhere like California.

For the uneducated, if you choose to live in FL, you may in fact get hit by a hurricane. If you choose to live on the Big Island of Hawaii, you may find a lava flow in your front yard. If you choose to live in South Dakota, you might find it difficult to find Filipino food. If you live where I live, you won't be able to shop at a Best Buy store.

None of these things are inherently the problem of your fellow Americans.

Comment Re:Errr... (Score 1) 414

The problem is, even if Obama's people are great- integrity that rivals the Founding Fathers and what not... they're only in for 4 years... 8, tops. Then, someone else gets control of everything they masterminded. Up goes the great firewall and what not.

This is why government always needs to be limited. We've seen this problem over the last few presidencies with abuse/stretching of executive power. Look at executive orders, pardons, etc. What happens if a present-day Hiter gets democratically elected? Do we trust this kind of guy with the monarchy-style executive powers Jr. and Sr. Bush and Clinton enjoyed?


Submission + - Paramount, Dreamworks go HD-DVD exclusive (cnn.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Paramount, Dreamworks go HD-DVD exclusive. Animation and film studios will release movies exclusively in HD DVD format, despite higher sales of rival Blu-Ray.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple is sued for soldering battery

fermion writes: The reports are everywhere about the first class action lawsuit against the Apple iPhone. The suit claims that the battery is not user replaceable, that consumers were not told that the battery was soldered to the board, and that the battery will exhaust itself in 300 charges. I certainly understand that those people who bought phones in the first mad rush might have not noticed that they were buying a sealed unit, but after that Apple had plenty of iPhones out, and from what I saw there was plenty of time to play with it. The fact that all iPods are sealed units, and it costs a pretty penny to replace the battery, seems to have no effect on the suit. A second topic, that the AC adapters are bad, seem totally with merit as Apple seems to have difficulty making reliable AC adaptors. IMHO, this is a testament to the incredible sales number for the iPhone, as in only one month, there has been enough phones sold to get the attention of the lawyers.

Submission + - iTuner introduces sub-$400 CarPC

ToyotaPrius writes: iTuner / Mini-Box.com (who also make the well known picoPSU products) have announced [www.epiacenter.com] the so-called "VoomPC-2" line of CarPCs. These systems come with a sharp lookin' black enclosure [www.mini-box.com] which is also available seperatly (and kinda reminds me of Spiderman!), a special power-supply for automotive uses and a custom 1.5GHz Mini-ITX motherboard built around VIA Technologies C7 processor. While I have to admit that I haven't really followed the CarPC market lately, I certainly don't remember ever coming across such an affordable package deal when I last checked. I think with something like 400 dollars we're approaching a price-point where many people will start taking note of these systems. Could the "VoomPC-2" be the kind of breakthrough product that every market seems to need these days?

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