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Comment Re:huh? (Score 2, Insightful) 137

Ok seriously, this is slashdot (not Sparta). Anyone reading this page should be able to bypass DRM on an ebook rather easily. If you feel that strongly that you own an ebook (which I agree you do), then look outside the DRM encased format you bought the title in.

This really goes back to the classic sense of the term "hacker", taking something apart and making it work for you.

Comment Re:It's very entertaining. (Score 1) 403

Ah, so it's more of a Network Access Control and policy problem than a specific vendor problem.

This is one of those interesting things about the security/IT world. IT creates some wacky policy and whatever software they're pushing gets the blame. Not saying commercial software doesn't have problems, but I think the perceived problems are much larger than the actual ones.

Comment Re:Eek. (Score 5, Insightful) 163

I'm just curious about what people are supposed to be doing at night after the kids are all in bed. Well, activities that don't involve making more kids aside.

Why is there this sense that we have to be busy doing things all the time? My parents used to watch TV at night, I prefer to play video games to unwind. I think it provides more mental stimulation than popping open a beer and sitting on the couch.

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