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Journal Journal: How to get stories accepted?

Could somebody please tell me how to get a story accepted? I've submited 8 in the last month and a half. "Hackers aren't just picking on Microsoft: study" was rejected in under 10 minutes. My "Norwegian plans rivals to Nobel science prizes" was rejected and a similar story reached the front page 2 hours later. And "Birdlike dinosaur may be missing link" was rejected in favor of a similar story 2 days later!
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Journal Journal: Attn: Moderators

I like a bit of humor as much as the next person. However, I think there's a bit too much of it here on slashdot, and not enough inteliigent discourse. To weed out the emphasis on humor, I set -1 filter on post modded funny. I have excellent karma. I'm proud of that, it means that I'm a productive member. If I can't help making some quip, I don't use my karma bonus. So if my post starts out at +2 then I'm not trying to be funny. Please don't mod any of my +2 (or posts that are lower because some idiot thought I was trying to be a troll but don't have a karma bonus) posts as funny. Thank you.

Now on the topic of negative moderation, I don't troll or flame. I try to encourage intelligent conversation. That's what slashdot is here for. Please don't mod me a troll or flamebait.
Before you mod me redundant, look and see if I'm actually redundant. I rarely am (and the times I was unintentionally redundant, I haven't been modded)
As for overrated...I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I have no clue how to respond.

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