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Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1220


I appreciate that they didn't dumb everything down, and that they had actual characters and a story.... and a realistic view of science.

Most of the time when something is "invented" in a sci-fi movie, it's all about pretty lights and special effects. In real science new inventions usually look relatively boring. The second and third versions get the LED treatments and the fancy paint jobs..

Ya know, I could go on all day about what Primer does right.. That's why it's my favorite by far.

Comment I own bitcoins.. (Score 2) 52

It seems likely that most people who actually own bitcoins would fall into one or both of those categories.

...and I don't (completely) fall into either of those categories.
I don't need to keep absolute control of all my bitcoins all the time (I'll transfer some spending coin to Coinbase periodically), and I'm perfectly fine with my identity being know. I know plenty of people with similar needs.

I'll probably go get myself one of these cards soon.

Comment There's a problem with the question... (Score 1) 508

If they don't have a computer, they probably don't have the internet connection they'll also need for your described work flow. In the end, the internet connection is going to cost more than the computer, even with your $170 option.

Of course, they could go use internet at the library, but then it needs to be portable (higher cost) and they already had an option to use a computer there so what are we actually solving.

I think trying to get below the price point of a raspberry pi isn't going to be worth the trouble. I think you can lower your price point on that if you try though.. Looking to price on up cheaply I get: pi 2b ($35), case ($4), wifi ($4), micro sdhc ($4), ac usb charger ($3), usb wire ($2), keyboard ($7), mouse ($2). ...for a grand total of: $61 dollars... OK, and I went with the cheapest available (mostly) so a prudent choice would likely cost a few dollars more.. That means that basically your estimate was right on! Doh! I guess I take for granted that I have almost all those cheap little parts already laying all over the place at our house..

Still, I think you can help them put the parts together, and it's probably your best bet.. Anything cheaper is going to quickly lose functionality/quality. A Pi is a really solid little machine for basic computing, and it's really well supported.

Comment Re:If I had to pick just one (Score 1) 889


I've found that configuring the heck out of Compiz lets me create an environment that suits me well.. One that I have never been able to even remotely come close to under any version of windows.. Some versions of Compiz (or it's plug-ins) could be more stable though.. They're generally fine when just being used, but sometimes I get crashes when re-configuring..

Try installing "ccsm" (compiz config settings manager) and see if you can adjust things to your liking..

Comment Looking at my 4000 pro: (Score 1) 698

I think I would remove:
caps lock (standard)
print screen (standard)
scroll lock (standard)
the entire numeric keypad (standard)
insert (standard)

alternate functions for the "F" keys, so they're just F1-F12 again (non-standard)
F-lock key (non-standard)
web/Home (non-standard)
search (non-standard)
mail (non-standard)
1,2,3,4,5,Calculator (non-standard)
zoom (non-standard)
My favorites (non-standard)

I would keep:
mute, volume up, volume down, play/pause (non-standard) ...and add "next track" and "previous track"

I would keep "back" and "forward" ...and add a joystick where "zoom" is that covers scroll up, down, left and right

I would have to look at what's left to figure out what would go where caps-lock was.. maybe home and end.
Then you would just have delete, page up and page down above the arrows, and media keys crammed in above that..

Much smaller keyboard and still great for my purposes without cramming things together and making it cramped.

If someone wants a numeric keypad, I would just buy a separate device.

Yeah.. I'm so going to have to get myself something that's 100% customizable if I'm ever going to get close to what I want. The problem is I really like the physical layout of the main keys on the 4000 pro.... Split keyboard with a slight seagull like affect.. Everything feels like it's in its most natural position.

Comment Re:Hired a gun (Score 1) 225

I totally agree, if that is what he was charged with.

For what he was charged with, the sentence was overkill.. I do really think that if they really believe he was trying to hire someone to kill someone, then they definitely should have charged him with it... Even if they weren't sure they had enough to make the charges stick. Maybe they still will.

If they think that he wasn't actually serious about trying to have someone killed, then it shouldn't get factored in to his sentencing.. If only because it gives him an opportunity to file for an appeal/mistrial. If they can show that irrelevant/unsubstantiated facts were factored into his conviction and sentencing, then he could end up going free.

Comment Re:Film! (Score 2) 169

If you're going to put an Raspberry Pi in there, you might as well put a small cheap LCD on it just in case they don't have HDMI.. There are some pretty cheap options, and they they'll hopefully only have to apply power (include the AC adapter).

Include an M-disc with the video in a lot of common formats also as a backup..

Comment Re:The bttn (Score 2) 327

Yeah.. I'm thinking use the GPIO on the Pi to kick off a script that takes a picture (either from one of the existing cameras, or the camera module on the PI) and sends you an image of the button getting pressed... and maybe some others as well..

There's a lot of info on programming the Pi with GPIO, and a handy little python library waiting to go..

Comment Re: KeyMouse (Score 1) 146

Note: there is a newer version that's hard to find on their page, but the production prototype looks a little bit different. It doesn't look so much like a butterfly as some of the older revisions do. I think they were considering embracing the butterfly look, but then they changed their mind.

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