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Can you be sure your hard work will even reach the appstore? They change the rules of what is accepted every day.

Yes, you can be sure. Check the terms if in doubt. They change a few times a year - usually clarifications. Sometimes, though, it is a huge change of rules (like the in-app subscription thing).

Can you compile an app and send it to 20 ppl to test, or deliver it privately to a customer?


Can you be sure that the devtool isn't sending information of your top secret app to be delivered directly to customer (and owned by your customer) to Apple?

Reasonably sure. Monitor the network traffic if in doubt.

As for transfering the built app... You have to use itunes while on android you can simply copy a file via any mass storage compatible system. The same goes for your music and you can sync with as many computers as you want and even use your device to keep the comps synced. (rsync anyone?)

Over the air transfer of apps - including custom built apps - works just fine.

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Submission + - Science "can prove the universe is a simulatio

holy_calamity writes: A New Zealand physicist has written a paper saying that physicists should seriously explore the possibility the universe is a giant virtual reality simulation. He says that the existence of quantum phenomena could be due to the underlying digital nature of the simulation and also claims his VR hypothesis can explain relativity, the big bang and more. It should be possible to perform experiments to prove the hypothesis too. He reasons that if reality was to do something that information processing cannot, then it cannot be virtual.

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