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Comment Re: How about... (Score 1) 455

I like to get high in the desert out on dirt roads where there's no other car within miles, usually.

Border Patrol of course are all around, I'm sure they're spying on me and know I get high. But my pot was all bought legally in US states that have legalized recreational marijuana, so I'm not really contributing to the smuggling they're after.

I drive real slow on those desert roads cuz it's much more fun, when you're stoned, to drive slow and enjoy the journey.

Comment Re:More useless sci-fi (Score 1) 60

It disproves Thermodynamic predictions, again.

Isn't it a bit odd that such an abundant and important substance as water has no equation of state? And it just got weirder. Thermodynamic laws predict simplicity and smooth entropy gain but that fails even for water.

Thermodynamics is dead. Give it up. Find another way to be mean to poors.

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Journal Journal: Skye


Skye died, February 14, 2016.

The first time I saw Skye, I came in and saw her in the cage she was later to die in, after being attacked (probably) by the other new bird, Jack.

That first time, Jack was in a box in another part of the room, a baby still. Skye was old enough to perch by herself in the cage Tracie would later put both Jack and her in, when she left, and at night.

Comment Re:So they're likely the cause of "Global Warming" (Score -1, Flamebait) 85

There's an Ag101 pdf from the Department of Agriculture that cites figures saying farmland is lost to development. Before jumping to the conclusion that deforestation is caused primarily by anti-gmo liberals, you should take a look at all the wood your fat, gluttonous Republican friends require for toilet paper and McMansions. Not to mention exotic, expensive wood furniture that fuels Amazon rainforest clearing.

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Journal Journal: Unsettling dream 1

I was in a box canyon with two female friends (not recognizable from real life). At the end of the canyon, I found a couple rooms that looked like they had been lived in. There was no roof but there was a bed, a table, some drawers or shelves, two rectangular living areas.

Comment Re:So What? (Score 1) 294

The only radio station I could get while out in Northwest Nevada for a few days was KCFJ out of Alturas, CA. The China Radio International parts were pretty pro-China, on the new islands in the South China Sea for example. Reminds me of how RT (the "Putin channel") is so strongly pro-Russian on the Syrian bombings. KCFJ aired some Chinese language lessons, I had fun out in the high Nv desert practicing Chinese again.

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