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Journal Journal: WizeTime Released

We are pleased to announce the release of WizeTime, an advanced application for managing your time. Designed as a portable internet based solution WizeTime is available when and where you are to assist you in getting the most out of your precious time. By tracking Goals and Priorities, as well as estimated task completion time and due date, WizeTime is able to provide an up-to-the-minute prioritized list of your outstanding tasks and projects. By empowering the user to make the most of their time, WizeTime allows busy Professionals, Doctors and Students to maximize their potential and stay 'on-track' by always working on the most 'important' task at any given time. WizeTime is open to the public and free for everyone as well as simple to use making it quite literally the best way to stay on top of your time.


Journal Journal: The ASP Database Viewer 1.0 Released

The ASP Database Viewer (ASPDB) by NeuroKode Labs, LLC is now available for download. The initial version of ASPDB, allows you to view the structure of a Database as well as view content when access to Enterprise Manager or similar software is not an option. For more information please see Edited for Link Correction

Journal Journal: Releases

I have missed a few updates with the software releases lately:
Python Database Objects (PDO) 1.3.1 is now released. This release and includes a bugfix for a circular referance that could lead to memory issues. It also addresses bugs in array_from_column and dictionary_from_columns.
PDO official website
Along with the bugfix release is the official release of remoteD. remoteD is a python module that make multiprocess programming and IPC extremely simple. Each process has access to a shared datastore maintained by a remoteD server. remoteD servers are auto created for you when your first process creates a share stub.
remoteD official website

Journal Journal: PDO 1.2.2 Released

PDO 1.2.2 has been released at with downloads available at SourceForge. This release fixes a bug in the .moveto functionality as well as adds support for the psycopg module.
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Journal Journal: MS on Linux 1

Ok, I just find this entirely too funny and wrong. I have been for the majority of my computer using days one MS Windows Enviornment or Another. I had touched upon Linux as a Desktop OS only briefly before, but had mainly used Linux and Unix on the server platforms. Recently I decided that other than the games I play and certain dev tools I need that require windows (FFXI, Halo PC, VB .Net, VC#), that I am going to try and move to a Linux as a desktop OS, at least dual booting on my laptop.
          After considering the varied distrobutions and such, my friend and business partner had suggested going with something like Xandros. And after reading some of the features I decided to try it. After all if it didnt work, I could always turn around and install Suse or FreeBSD.
          The install, definatly left me happy. Quick, easy... fairly painless(no papercuts this time). Then I checked out the preinstalled package Cross Over. With CrossOver I installed a copy of MS Office 2000 I had, and it installed I.E. along with it. To my amazement (and some Horror) I was suddenly surfing useing I.E. in Linux... this fact just seems... completely wrong.

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Journal Journal: The Goat not renewed? 3

A site that represents a now time honored tradition of scarring newbie geeks and enemies alike seems to have slipped on their registration: Who Is Information on Could it be that we may need to find a new way to scar the next generation of newbie geeks?

EDIT: Do not look at registration information when tired. is not lapsed, they are actually suspended. Who knows why?

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Journal Journal: Happy New Year 2

To anyone who may stumble upon my little journal, May you have a Safe and fun New Years Evening and a the promise of a fruitful year to come!

The Internet

Journal Journal: From the Net 1

The following text is coppied entirely from several Journals I frequent on the net, and felt that it was worth it to copy post it:

One of the journals I saw this on

This is post copied from Michael, sharing the information, please take the time to vote.

These folks are trying to prove the point to the government (they intend to send the results to Washington) that America is against gay marriage, by polling their membership, which is a conservative Christian anti-gay marriage action group. Huh...wonder if those numbers would be a touch skewed?

Word got out, though, and thanks to a grassroots email campaign, the poll is already shaping up to be not quite the rout they were hoping for. Whichever way you feel on the issue, please take the poll, and let it be a more true and accurate representation of American feelings.

Journal Journal: Karma and Subscriptions 1

A few insightful/informative comments (plus a few that go without notice) and my Karma is back in the Positive range. So despite flaws, it is possible (though albiet through no intervention of the offending user) to regain Neutral Karma once
they have dipped to the bad end of the spectrum.
          In other news I have finally taken my own advise and bought a subscription to SlashDot. It's cheep it's easy and why not, support your community.

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Journal Journal: What? 7

Ok, so I missed a very important line in the Slashdot F.A.Q's that talk about not earning Karma for "Funny" posts. I can understand this, however what doesn't make sense is the fact that you can loose Karma in a post that is marked "Funny", doesn't necessarily seem balanced to me.

In my last Journal post I noted that someone had marked me as a Troll, the comment I had posted also had been marked as Overrated, and Funny, giving it an overall score of 4. Now with the fact that I only had one other moderated Comment, +1 for informative, the -2 on this post dropped me to bad Karma... despite the fact that most of the moderation pointed in a positive direction. Now, my bad karma due to a one liner of humor has earned me the right to sit below most thresholds, despite my history of comments and activity...

Oddly off balanced.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Troll? 1

Odd, that was the last thing I expected to find my latest post to be moderated as. In all honesty I could have believed an "Overrated" a lot more than a "Troll" Moderation in reference to a post that basically likens Bush to E.T.
          But that is the delicate nature of politics. One man's laughter is another man's offended ego, which is one of the many reason's I dare not touch politics on anything more than a humorous tone.
          Speaking of humor, I have a new Freak. Don't know who I offended or how. But you know, those are the limitations of the system, you just know someone either hates you outright or disagrees with what you have to say. It would be nice to have like one or two lines of text that point out what the change in sentiment is. You know kind of like, "this post made me feel I had to go out of my way to publicly declare my dislike for you".
          Such is life. You live you learn, you laugh at something that will make someone angry at you, then it's time to hit the shower.


Journal Journal: Python Database Objects (PDO) 1.2.0 Released

PDO, an open source python module for interfacing with RDBMS (SQL
databases), has now reached 1.2.0! PDO provides an object oriented API,
similar to that of ADO or JDBC, to python developers. PDO features column
access by name. This new release adds support for the cx_Oracle, DB2 and
adodbapi modules, allowing users to use PDO with a variety of database
systems. 9 different DBAPI modules are now supported, allowing for PDO to
be used with almost any RDBMS. Additional features, such as query
parameters, have also been added in this release, as well as the usual

        PDO is released under a BSD style license.

        PDO supports the following DBAPI python modules and databases:
                MySQLdb (supports MySQL)
                PySQLite (SQLite)
                pgdb (PostgreSQL)
                kinterbasdb (Firebird, Interbase)
                mxODBC (Many)
                pyDB2 (IBM's DB/2)
                cx_Oracle (Oracle)
                adodbapi (windows only - any RDBMS with an OLE DB provider or ODBC driver)

        As we move forward in this series we will be adding further functionality
and support. Community support and feedback is appreciated so that we can make
PDO as useful as possible.
        Downloads for Python Database Objects are available on SourceForge.Net
or for more information please visit


Journal Journal: Python Database Objects (PDO) 1.1.0 Released

We have released Python Database Objects 1.1.0. This fairly stable test release features support for various databases through mxODBC. Also in this release we have added more functionality through verious functions like move() and moveto(), which allow for dynamic access to records within the resultset.

Further releases in the 1.1 series are planed with even more database support. Community feedback is always appreciated as it helps make PDO even more useful.

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