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Journal Journal: Sad weekend

A fairly sad weekend really, as we spent most of the time with my parents and sister, talking about our Nana. We even went roung to her flat to begin clearing it out. I was fine most of the way through until I noticed her walking stick just sitting there on its own. I mean its not like she ever used it - she was useless at using it in fact - she used to lean on furniture and stuff and complain about getting out of breath instead of using it. But there it was with no-one to not use it. Sad moment.

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Journal Journal: Getting better all the time...

I worked from the Newcastle office today, at least in the morning, then I came home in the afternoon as nothing was doing there. Much more preferable to travelling all the way to Leeds everyday.

And the climbing on saturday was brilliant! We did 12 routes, completing all but 2 of them. We did all 8m walls but concentrated on some slightly harder routes. We managed quite a few 4c routes, although one that got us was a 4c route but a lot harder. I made some nice moves on some of the routes and was well chuffed. Really felt good to go for those harder holds, not knowing if you're gonna make it or fall and then make it. Awesome.

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Journal Journal: Swimming is REALLY good excercise

Thursday: Swimming - 18 lengths

Absolutely knackered. Did half and half front crawl, breast stroke again, but I think my front crawl were much better and slightly faster. Got in a couple of lengths where I was breathing on both sides which I'm sure is the proper way. There are a couple of us who go from work, ended up racing for one length against Ian, who usually can do front crawl faster than me but not for as long (he manages 3/4 length before having to revert to breast stroke). However this time I was edging ahead even during the front crawl section! Bonus!


This morning mum rang to say my nana died last night. She was in hospital after a bad fall a few weeks ago so she was weak, but I guess we thought she was getting better again. Probably for the best as she was never going to be up to much (lots of breathing problems etc) but that doesn't really help right now... Can't decide if I want to go and see the body - I don't think I've ever seen a dead body. I was 13 when my grandad died and declined to see him. Is it something everyone should do? I don't know.

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Journal Journal: Off-day is wednesday

My off-day in terms of exercise is definately wednesdays. Nothing more at the moment than a walk around Leeds on a lunch time and in the evening straight to my gaming session (D&D). Although we're not exactly a healthy bunch as a whole all we tend to drink is water and I manage to get by by taking a few bits of fruit so its not a beer and cheerios fest.

I did manage 50 crunches and 30 push ups after work though which is an improvement (the push ups, not the crunches)

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Journal Journal: Climbing rocks

Recently started climbing. Its great fun and I'm using it not only as a way to get fit but also as a way to motivate myself to get fitter (currently swim x3, climb x2, run x1 a week) - you try hauling 14st up a vertical wall using only your arms!

Luckily we've got a wall nearby in sunderland which has great facilities.

Also got ourselves some shoes. Wife got some red chilli's and I got some scarpa - her's have a lovely red chilli logo on the sole (I'm not jealous much!)

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