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Comment Re:What's wrong with using COBOL? (Score 2) 217

here, I'll boil it down: "Is it fucking broken? No? THEN DON'T FIX IT!"

Depending on severely antique technology (8" floppies!) is stupid and broken. Depending on a language that's just not in fashion because the kool kidz have declared it 'My grandpa used it so it MUST be too old and no good anymore!' is neither stupid or broken.

Comment Re:I just wish notifications would work on iOS (Score 1) 224

Oh FUCK Skype for business, with a goddamn rusty pitchfork. It decides that the reply to an IM I send from my desktop client must be sent to my phone, because I woke it up when I got a text (in an entirely different app) from my wife.

And that's not even considering the clusterfuck that is SfB on the mac. Oh yeah, no such thing as SfB on the mac. I have to run a goddamn VM just to use our group chat client, because we're too goddamn special to use a functional application like Slack, IRC or the thirty goddamn years of chat clients before SfB...

Comment Well for once I don't feel ancient (Score 3, Interesting) 162

I've only been doing it for 21 years. :-)

The only thing that hasn't changed is..nothing.

I started out running a Dec Mini-Vax about the size of a washing machine, only much louder...(we still remember the blessed silence in our office/server 'room' the day it was finally turned off.) using (IIRC) kermit to connect to it from my desktop.

Cut my unix teeth on a HP/Apollo franken-unix thing: part SysV, part BSD.

All the machines I am sysadmin for now are Linux VM's, except my desktop systems...which all run OS X....so, yeah, still using Unix.

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