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Journal Journal: 10th Amendment and Drugs

10th Amendment and Drugs

I don't understand this, either this is a foolish source who is leaving out some major detail I'm not noticing, or we have a major constitutional issue here. Why has no one attempted to challenge something like this in the courts? I would personally like to see all the drug laws in this country go through the amendment process like any proper law that violates the founding father's vision goes.

Personally I don't see how Drug laws would wholly qualify under interstate commerce. Especially in the case of home grown Marijuana. The feds were never given the right in the constitution to unwarranted search and seizure, and outlawing substances is just fantasy. The Bill o Rights says you can have guns, and really what on Earth are you not allowed to have in your back yard? I would go as far to say that Nuclear Weapons should be allowed in the back yard of a home as long as it is all local, at least in the Feds eyes. The states, as the 10th amendment states, are not as limited in their procedings. So like the Prosecution of George Bush for murder, is this just an outrageous thought (Listening to out much exulted Fore Fathers!)? Or should this defence be used for the next drug trial? Will the Supreme court act as a political tool and enforce the Drug Laws or not?

Something that must be tested.

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Journal Journal: Curse RSS

You know what? I curse RSS readers now. They are just too... efficient. Now I can't just waste all my time trying to remember which sites I haven't checked in a while.

You know what else? Comments! Why do I feel the need to pay attention to comments! Even on slashdot they aren't worth all the time I pour into it.

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