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Comment Re:nothing to see here (Score 1) 384

It is actually fairly trivial to find the identities of the people seeing as how most personal blurbs are reused from other sources.

Pg. 57 for example is most likely referring to Russell Miyaki, just do a Google search for "is involved with ensuring that the highest of standards and best practices of interactive development are applied".

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Simpson's Premier Town Announced

Nigel Stepp writes: It has recently been announced that the winner of the Simpson's Springfield Contest is Springfield, VT.

I don't necessary think this means Springfield, VT is the "official" Springfield. What it does mean, however, is that the movie will premier there on July 27th.

The Illinois Springfield suggested that the competition "Eat my shorts", however, it looks like other shorts will be eaten instead.

Submission + - Microsoft threating its own MVP

jonfr writes: "The Register is telling a story of a hobbyist programmer how did develop a software that did make Microsoft software better. But he did develop a program called TestDriven.NET, but it allows unit tests to be run directly from within Microsoft IDE. In the beginning Microsoft was pleased with this, so pleased that they did give him a MVP status and a awards. However, that did not last as a executive called Jason Weber started to contact him and make threats and demands, along with take down notice.

"However, his cherished status did not last. In December 2005, he started getting emails from a Microsoft executive called Jason Weber. The problem was that TestDriven.NET supported the Express edition of Visual Studio. Express is the cut-down version that anyone can download for free from the Microsoft website. It is limited in various ways, and is intended only for hobbyists and students. Everyone else is supposed to shell out for the paid-for versions. In fact, as a .NET hobbyist himself, Cansdale says he used Express to develop TestDriven.NET. Ironically, he only got access to a fancier version of Visual Studio as part of his MVP goody-bag. But MS doesn't want you supporting Visual Studio Express with your add-ons. Weber wrote to Cansdale that he had violated Express licence agreements: that he was accessing APIs not available to those who only had the Express version of Visual Studio, or that he had reverse engineered APIs — also forbidden. Cansdale said from the off — and has stuck by this — that he only used APIs in the public domain, published on Microsoft's MSDN website for all to see. He invited Weber to be specific about the API/licence term that was violated."

I do not understand how Microsoft can expect to get away with this type of behavior."

Submission + - Complacency 'rife' in European IT projects

phantomflanflinger writes: According to the BBC, many European IT workers are not being held responsible for delivering projects late.

The study was conducted by Hewlett Packard and the Economist Intelligence Unit which spoke to 1,125 professionals worldwide.

The three most common causes for delay were outsourcing, changing priorities half way through a project and poor co-ordination between managers.

Submission + - Freaky Japanese Baby-bot

mux2000 writes: "With Japan's birth rate still worryingly low, the powers that be may not thank the Japan Science and Technology Agency [Japanese] for the unveiling its new humanoid robot last week, a 33-kilogramme effigy that can make facial expressions, react to its surroundings by blinking and stand up with assistance. Giving it a set of skills and abilities that its maker claims allows CB2 (Child-Robot with Biometric Body) to emulate the physical abilities of a 1- or 2-year-old toddler. Here is another write-up that includes some unsettling videos of this digital toddler as well.


The only problem being that unlike the real thing, CB2 is neither comical nor cute — far from it in fact. The not so little fella's freakishly real — and at the same time not real — features quite possibly putting people off having kids forever.
Although that said, his (or indeed her) loving look up at its 'father' is possibly enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.


Submission + - $350 open Linux mobile phone on sale in September (

As free as the air writes: The world's first open source mobile phone will be available this September priced at $350, its developers have confirmed. The FIC Neo1973's final printed circuit board design is complete, said OpenMoko staff at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, today. Improving the sensitivity of the iPhone-style touchscreen now seems to be the main remaining obstacle keeping the phone from being released.
The Matrix

Submission + - Controlling computers with an implant, or head ban (

Killam0n writes: "Surfing the Web with nothing but brainwaves

Here is the link to cnn money/business2.0, future boy, where the story is. rain0721.biz2/index.htm

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0 Magazine) — — Two years ago, a quadriplegic man started playing video games using his brain as a controller. That may just sound like fun and games for the unfortunate, but really, it spells the beginning of a radical change in how we interact with computers — and business will never be the same. Someday, keyboards and computer mice will be remembered only as medieval-style torture devices for the wrists. All work — emails, spreadsheets, and Google searches — will be performed by mind control."

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